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State of the World for Chapter 5

Since Camelot opened its doors again, many things have come to light in the world - many events have become well known amongst the people. This page details commonly known information that came to light during the last meeting at Camelot - you may choose how much or how little of this you know in character: this page is presented to provide opportunity to know about these things, rather than being a reading list to join the game!

See State of the World for Chapter 4 for past information.

We also present the following pages of information about the World - if you can't find what you're looking for here, try these pages:

Albion Falls, the Realm of the Lost Rises

During Chapter 4, the Knights of the Round Table began to meet their ends, with the entire world being shaken by the death of Arthur. The Servants of Camelot explained that without a presence to hold the power of Camelot, the Crux of the World, the world around them would unknit itself. The Monarchs of the Hundred Realms selected Eirik the Lost to take the position, and they announced Camelot as part of the Realm of the Lost, stabilising it. The Realm of Albion has fallen, but the Realm of the Lost has risen.

Since the demise of Arthur, sightings of the supposedly dead Knights have been made, but none have sought to reclaim their title…

Mayga Destroyed

The Realm of Mayga has been annihilated by the combined forces of Arkenholm, Penmortid, Sera, and the Court of Thorns. Its people are scattered and find themselves ruled in different lands. Characters with Maygian backgrounds are still welcome, but the Realm would need to be resurrected from its ashes to survive.

The Age of Strife Begins

Toward the end of the last year, warfare has been becoming bloodier, more chaotic, and more unpredictable. The clean warfare encouraged once by Arthur using the Oracular Mirror is a dangerous and fraught affair and Generals are finding their armies acting erratically when defeated while Monarchs and Wanderers are hearing the clamour for invasion and conquest amongst the people. Realms that are not fighting to conquer the world are finding discontent growing in their homelands, and while the Oracular Mirror is just about able to keep its predictions accurate, the fog of war truly descends during battles and the outcomes are much muddier.

New and Notable Factions

Multiple new Realms came into being during Chapter 4 and are well known enough to be publicised. Some of these Realms grew out of existing discontent, but some – such as the Empire of Ducks and the Elegant Harmony appear to have appeared out of nowhere and nothing of their likes has been spotted in the Hundred Realms before.

The Court of Thorns

The Court of Thorns is a cruel and unforgiving place where spite drives all action. Insult is easily given and never forgotten, with the favours of the upper echelons constantly shifting on a whim. Formerly a House from within Auralia, the draconically sponsored House of Thorns was discontent with how they were being treated in comparison to the House of Blossoms – whom they despised – and having been given insult by Arkenholm, Sera, and Penmortid they incited rebellion in the land of Mayga to wage war against their enemies.

From Chapter 5 onwards, the Court of Thorns is playable. Characters are humans (not dragonlings).

The Elegant Harmony **Non-Playable**

Little is known about the Elegant Harmony except that they are strong, fast, and vampiric in nature. They sprung into existence with their Realm – centred on the territory of “The Bloodthrone Seat” – taking the place of Storm's Watch with little notice or explanation. Their skies fail to match the world around them, and the inhabitants hunt mortals of the world, and appear to use magic otherwise unknown.

The Empire of Ducks **Non-Playable**

In the depths of Deep Fen, a threat has emerged in the form of an Empire calling itself the Empire of Ducks. Though at a glance this appears to be the work of creators of chaos Aeduin and Mildreth, a far more sinister agenda seems to be afoot.

Public Alliances

Some Alliances are well known in the world and we deemed it appropriate to list them here. If you would like us to add your Alliance to this list please contact us. The exact agreement of each Alliance will vary and we stress there is no “standard alliance” - this is simply information we are presenting to help understand the world.

The Five-Fold Alliance

The Five-Fold Alliance is a publicly known Alliance of the Realms found counter-clockwise from the mouth of the great Camelot river and consists of:

The Treaty of Iron and Wood

The Treaty of Iron and Wood is a publicly known Alliance of Realms found toward the tributaries of the river surrounding Camelot and consists of:

Vassal State of Feathermoor

The Realm of Feathermoor remains as a Vassal State of Fiobha, with the larger Realm pledging its protection to it publicly. Those who cross Cora will cross Muireall MacRòn as well.

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