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LARP Safety

Combat in Tales Untold is represented with LARP Combat: fighting each other with LARP-safe weapons. While LARP weapons are designed not to injure, injury may occur through unsafe behaviour. This page describes safety rules that should be obeyed at all times while LARP fighting. Above all, the following rules universally apply:

  • Unless you have been given explicit consent, do not make physical contact with someone else except with LARP weapons as required by combat.
  • If a Ref tells you something is unsafe, even if it is not referenced on this page, stop doing it immediately. If you disagree, take it up with a Head Ref later.
  • If you hear the STOP THE GAME call you must stop what you are doing immediately and stay still while the situation is addressed.
  • Anyone may call STOP THE GAME if they believe it is necessary, including for unsafe fighting.

Combat Safety

  • Hit with the hitting edge - LARP weapons have a hitting edge and this is the edge you should hit with. It should be clear on the weapon which edges you should hit with (the edge that on a real weapon would cause damage), and if in doubt check with a Ref.
  • Pull your blows - the goal of LARP combat is to lightly hit the target so they are aware that they have been hit, not to actually hurt them. If someone tells you that you are hitting them too hard then by definition they are correct and you should hit less hard. If in doubt about how hard you're hitting, check with a Ref.
  • Never hit the head - the head is not a valid location to hit and all hits against a head can be ignored.
  • Avoid hitting sensitive areas - being hit in the groin, breasts or backside is painful. Don't do it.
  • Hits on hands holding a weapon count as hits on the weapon - flicking at people's knuckles while holding a weapon is again painful. Don't do it.
  • Never stab except with approved collapsible tip weapons - LARP weapons contain a solid core that may come through and cause injury if the weapon is used to stab with, therefore you should never stab with a normal LARP weapon. The exception for this is approved collapsible tip weapons (which must be checked and approved by a Weapons Ref) with which stabbing is permitted.
  • Never barge with shields - shields should be used to block blows but should never be used to barge with since they are not sufficiently padded.
  • Never hit with a coreless weapon - LARP weapons for melee must have a core. If a weapon does not have a core you must not hit with it.
  • Do not push in a weapon lock - if you are in a lock with another character's weapon (e.g. blocking a blow with a sword), it is not acceptable to try to win the lock with force: this can cause injury and damage the weapon. In such a lock, both parties should disengage and adjust their stance instead.

Weapon Safety

  • Do not stand on weapons or shields - this will break them. If you see a weapon about to be trodden on you should highlight this OC. It is always acceptable to move a weapon out of harm's way OC and hits while you are doing so should be ignored.
  • Do not use unsafe weapons - if a weapon is deemed unsafe by a Ref, do not use it. If you believe a weapon is unsafe but it hasn't been checked by a Ref, do not use it.
  • Take care of kit that do not belong to you - if you are using a piece of kit that does not belong to you, it should go without saying that you should take care of it. This particularly applies to kit handed out from the Ref Team. In particular, don't rest weapons point down and don't push on the ground with staffs: both of these can damage the latex, foam and even core of the weapon.
  • Weapons must be checked by a Ref before use - we will be following the guidelines as per Profound Decisions found here.

In the case of an accident

  • Immediately call STOP THE GAME - everyone who hears this should stop what they're doing and stay still while the situation is assessed.
  • Seek First Aid if necessary - the identity of First Aiders on site will be made clear. If First Aid is needed then seek out, or have someone else seek out, a First Aider. It is better to be on the safe side in this case.
  • Wait for a Ref to restart the game - it is our priority that everyone is safe and well. The game will only recommence with a countdown from a Ref.
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