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There are a number of valuable resources in Tales Untold. Some of these are magical, others more mundane. Resources are generated by various means. Some Resources are specified by Territories and such Resources gathered by a Monarch will be represented by a token.


  • Used for creating Curses
  • Generated by being offered from a character at the Fonts of Magic when the Curse is created (reducing their maximum body hits by 1 for the next 12 hours)
  • Hits gained from Armour Use cannot be sacrificed in this way
  • OC: The blood must be given at the Fonts of Magic. There is no phys-rep for this.

Defining Moments

  • Intrinsically linked to a moment in a particular character's life
  • Used for creating powerful Scrolls
  • Used for creating unknown but beneficial Scrolls
  • Used in conjunction with Riches for creating Strongholds
  • OC: These will be phys-repped by scrolls with golden seals

Magic Beans

  • Used for creating Scrolls
  • Generated by Territories
  • Generated by Mages
  • Can be found lying around
  • OC: These will be phys-repped by black beads


  • Riches in the form of coin are often sought by Realms for various reasons (which often change from realm to realm)
  • Generated by some Territories
  • Generally considered a status symbol about Camelot
  • Can be used to purchase Forces in Conquest
  • Can be used in conjunction with a Defining Moment to purchase a Stronghold in Conquest
  • Can be used in some spellcasting
  • OC: These will be phys-repped by coins
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