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Tales Untold runs with a crew of 25-50 people, split into various teams and roles. Some of these roles may overlap across teams.

Every member of Crew will receive a personal schedule explaining what they are needed to do when.

Crew places are free. Meal Tickets are purchased separately (see forms here).

Crew Booking is available through the following Google Forms:

Quest Team

The Quest Team are dedicated to crewing (or “Monstering”) for hour-long combat Quests. Some Quest team members may be required to play additional roles in Camp on a case-by-case basis.


  • To provide a variety of NPC combat and non-combat encounters for Players on Quests
  • To provide a challenge for Players embarking on Quests
  • To enrich the gameworld with a variety of NPCs met out and about


  • Attending Quest briefings given by the Quest Refs
  • Following instructions given by the Quest Refs to set up encounters
  • Fight the players to present a challenge as guided by the Quest Refs

Vignette Team

The Vignette Team are dedicated to setting up and playing NPCs for half-hour long non-combat Vignettes.


  • To provide a variety of NPC non-combat encounters and puzzles for Players on Vignettes
  • To enrich the gameworld with a variety of NPCs met out and about


  • Attending Vignette briefings given by the Vignette Refs
  • Following instructions given by the Vignette Refs to set up encounters
  • Roleplay through the encounter to challenge the players

Camp Plot Team

The Camp Plot Team are dedicated to playing NPCs in Camelot from a variety of Realms and providing plot within the walls of Camelot based on Player Realms and actions.


  • To provide a variety of NPC encounters and short storylines for Players to follow
  • To enrich the gameworld with a variety of NPCs
  • To remind the players of the consequences of their actions, and the existence of people within their home Realms
  • To celebrate the creativity of the player Realms


  • Read the various briefs prepared for plot we are intending on bringing into camp
  • Have a rough understanding of the style and culture of Realms
  • Entering play as various NPCs with agendas and plot for the players to attempt to resolve

Long Term NPC Team

The Major NPC Team (which may overlap with other teams) cover crew that are required to play long-term NPCs in Camelot.


  • To provide static touchstones for the players to interact with
  • To motivate long term plot
  • To make the players have FEELINGS


  • Read and understand a medium-to-long brief that may include metaphysical notes
  • Play the NPC when required, following any prompts the crew give you
  • Reacting and responding to what players attempt to achieve, rolling with ideas as they come

Conquest Team

The Conquest Team manage the Conquest table, its use and Order resolution.


  • To manage the Conquest Game


  • Understand the rules of Conquest
  • Be available to answer queries from players as to the rules
  • Resolve Orders on the map table once Conquest phases have been closed
  • Liaise with Head Refs for difficult calls

Magic Team

The Magic Team manage the Magic system.


  • To manage the Magic Game
  • To dispense Magic Beans


  • Assist the Magic Ref at key points during the day
  • Understand the rules of Magic
  • Write Scrolls as players create them
  • Be creative and adaptive to player ideas
  • To be available in the Fonts of Magic throughout the day
  • Liaise with Head Refs for difficult calls

Audience Team

The Audience Team manage audiences with powerful entities and the operation of the Audience Tent.


  • To manage the Audience Tent
  • To collect and weigh up Tribute left at the Shrine
  • To dress and provide FX for Audiences
  • To perform as different Entities for Audiences


  • Understand the various entities in the game and their agendas
  • Liaise with the Head Refs and Plot team for appropriate Audience content
  • To be creative and responsive to Player intention
  • To create an atmospheric area of game

Admin Team

The Admin Team is responsible for ensuring the game is running smoothly on an out of character administrative level.


  • Ensure the administrative side of the game is running to schedule


  • Be available at the Operations desk or in Camelot to handle mechanical queries and alert the Head Refs of any issues
  • Liaise with all teams to ensure schedules are being kept to and resources are available
  • Understand what's going on during the event
  • Keep the Head Refs updated of any interesting developments

Core Refs

The Core Refs are tasked with making judgment calls and ensuring the smooth operation of the event. The Core Ref positions are:

  • Joust Ref
  • Quest Refs (2)
  • Conquest Refs (2)
  • Magic Ref
  • Field Ref
  • Bonds Ref
  • Audiences Ref


  • To ensure their relevant area of the game runs smoothly


  • Understand the rules in their area of the game thoroughly
  • Understand what's going on during the event
  • To make judgment calls to ensure player safety and maximise fun
  • To liaise with the Head Refs to keep communication flowing throughout the team

Head Refs


  • Overall operation of the game
  • To uphold our policies and ensure a safe environment for all players and crew
  • To answer any questions from players or crew
  • To handle any complaints or incidents
  • To liaise with all members of crew to ensure the game is running satisfactorily and crew welfare is being maintained
  • To coordinate the writing of overall plot and direction
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