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Style And Influences

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom, there was a peaceful village which lay hidden in the trees. The villagers were a simple folk, but they were terrorised by the evil sorceress who lived in the nearby mountains who threatened to summon a dragon to destroy them should they not send her one chest of gold every new moon. Times were hard on the village, and eventually they could not bring enough gold together to pay, and sure enough the sorceress sent a dragon to burn the houses down. From the ashes of the village, though, rose a young heroine who swore to have revenge on the sorceress, and so picked up her sword and headed into the woods…

Tales Untold is a fantasy game with a strong emphasis on narrative. The world and game is one where the stories that make up fairytales and folklore of today come about. Expect magic; expect monsters; expect heroes in shining armour; expect villains shrouded in darkness. Above all, expect your story to matter.

Since Realms are player-created, we encourage imagination and creativity with creating your world. The style of folklore story we're generally expecting to tell is European - the tales collected by the Brothers Grimm being our prime example - but inspiration drawn from any folklore is welcome and encouraged! We only ask that you refrain from referencing specific tales from real world folklore (a Norse-inspired Realm is fine, but literally playing Thor is not!) except where we've made it part of the world on the Wiki.


Tales Untold centres quite a lot on Camelot and the legend of King Arthur: though canonically this story begins where the Legend ends. We're rewriting a lot, but also taking a lot of pre-existing material as written. Where Tales Untold and Wikipedia diverge in opinion, Tales Untold is always correct. If it's not written or contradicted on the Wiki then events, places and artefacts from Arthurian myth may well have happened or exist, though characters will not be aware of these as existing. If you wish, you can write part of an Arthurian myth into your Realm or backstory, but if you do then please make it clear to us in your submission that you have done this since it may be part of the myth we are changing for our own purposes. If what you've added is fine, we'll put it on the Wiki with all other material and it will be canon enough for characters to be aware of it.

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