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Here's a list of questions we've been asked that we think people will generally find useful to know but we haven't found a good home for on any other page. If you have any questions, do email them to

Q: What safety measures will Tales Untold be putting in place due to COVID?

A: Our COVID Safety Policy and Risk Assessment can be found here.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please do contact us at

Q: Is there an age restriction on this game?
A: Due to legal restrictions, you must be 18 or over to play Tales Untold.

Q: How do I join your mailing list?
A: Email

Q: Is there any indoor accommodation available? I am unable to camp for medical reasons.
A: Unfortunately there is presently no indoor accommodation available at Event 3 of Tales Untold. If it is just putting up a tent that is the problem, Huntley Wood does offer a Tent Hire service which we could explore - contact us at if this is the case.

Q: I have restricted mobility - is the site accessible for me?
A: The site we have for Event 3 is the Wyldwood at Huntley Wood, which is a campsite in the woods in Staffordshire. It is therefore not completely accessible for those with restricted mobility, but the area we are using for Camelot should be. If you have concerns about accessibility please contact us at

Q: Can I play a non-combat character?
A: Absolutely! Though there is combat in the form of the Jousts, the Melee and Quests, non-combat characters are most welcome. Vignettes (smaller Quests) are always non-combat. The Conquest game, interaction with NPCs around Camelot, and creation of Magic are all pure non-Combat activities which form a central part of the game, and Quests should present opportunities for non-combat characters who are still willing to be fought around to head out of Camelot. Being non-Combat should not in any way prevent you from interacting with the game.

Q: Can my Realm have a religion?
A: Sure! Reference it when you submit your Realm to us. See Camelot's entry on Hundred Realms for an example of this.

Q: What if I die mid-event?
A: If your character dies mid-event you can roll in as a new PC or be given a temporary NPC to play for the remainder. All character creation options will be available except that you cannot create a new Realm at this time. Of course, we will go through the options with you should this become relevant.

Q: If my Realm loses all its Territories during an Event but I remain Monarch/General of it at the next one, will I gain new Territories?
A: Just as Realms that have not lost their Territories, you will not receive new Territories between events. You may continue on as Monarch of a Realm with no Territories in hope of regaining your lands, but this must be achieved yourself.

Q: Can I ride my steed?
A: No. The term 'steed' in Jousts is simply a hang-on from the archaic use, and refers to your second. It is unsafe to give someone a piggy-back into a LARP fight.

Q: Is there IC camping or somewhere we can set up shop for our Realm?
A: Since only the main hall is time in for 24hrs there's no overnight IC camping, but feel free to set up shop near the main hall for your Realm. This isn't expected or required in any way, but we know some people will like to do this.

Q: What happens if I crush / eat / snort Magic Beans?
A: Firstly, OC please don't do this, it will not be pleasant and we'd prefer our Beans to remain as intact as possible. IC, if you break a Bean it is useless for Magic, and reduces it to a crumbling mess of no magical use. Snorting the powder is generally unpleasant. Beans themselves do not taste good, and if you do eat one (which will likely hurt your teeth), you will achieve little more than a mild irritation of the stomach. The power of Beans only seems to come to fruition when cast into a Scroll.

Q: Can my character include links to magical creatures?
A: Magical Creatures certainly exist across the world of Tales Untold and can be included in backstories and character submissions subject to the approval of the Core Team - we may ask you to change some things to fit with plans or ideas we already have.

Q: Can I have links to the Fey?
A: Fey/Fae/Faeries/Fair Folk by their “traditional” or popular representation will not be appearing in Tales Untold and as such we are preferring to avoid creatures named directly as the Fae or that follow “traditional” representations. Certainly we are open to creatures that serve a similar narrative purpose being linked, but we hold those subject to Core Team approval and may ask you to change things.

Q: How do I increase my skills?
A: There is no skill advancement between events at Tales Untold. You may, if you wish, switch out your skills between events. This is not to say you cannot use Magic to amplify your skills in play…

Q: How do Conquest Phases match up to the Year?
A: The Phases match up to the Seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Midsummer. A year is still the same length as a real world year, but the world has divided it into 5 seasons instead of 4.

Q: Which way is North? Is it the way up the map is?
A: The Tales Untold team declines to officially endorse any direction as North, given that this has become a topic of in-character dispute. Any map distributed out of character by the team (such as the one on the Hundred Realms page) is drawn from an arbitrary orientation.

Q: What happens if a PC Monarch or General can't make an event?
A: In that event, our policy is (of 08/08/19) to get in touch with the player in question to ask if they would prefer us to generate an NPC to take the Crest, to nominate another Player, or to do nothing.

Q: How big are Magic Scrolls?
A: Magic Scrolls, provided by the game, are A5 paper rolled up or folded.

Q: Is the map the Oracular Mirror?
A: No, the map is just a map.

Q: Why can't I create a new Realm for Tales Untold Chapter Three?
A: In order to allow us to present a playable Conquest game and to keep track of the plot threads we already have, we have decided to stop expanding the Conquest board and work with the Realms we have. New characters are more than welcome (encouraged, particularly) to join any Realm they like, but after the Realms submitted with characters before the January 2022 original deadline we won't be accepting new Realm submissions.

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