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Territory Improvements

Realms are not just made for war - the people of the Hundred Realms have homes to customise and improve both to their own benefit and to the benefit of the Realm at large. These are known as Improvements.

While Conquest is open, anyone from a Realm may spend money to construct an Improvement on a Territory within their own Realm. These are added straight onto the Conquest Table since they do not affect Combat Resolution.

Only one Improvement of each type may be added to a Territory (but multiple may exist through a Realm) with the exception of Features (which may be stacked). Improvements have both effects for the Realm and for the People. The more of a type of Improvement there is in a Realm, the greater that influence will be.

Improvements are always permanent and may only be destroyed with Magic or by an occupying Conquest Force using the Attack Order to raze the Improvement for money.

Improvement Types

Library - 90R

  • A Library is constructed that contains books and information on a variety of topics.
  • Between Events, the Monarch of the Realm may request a topic to be researched in the Libraries of their Realm.
  • The more Libraries there are, the better quality the research will be.

Sanctuary - 81R

  • A Sanctuary dedicated to a specific Entity - a god or otherwise - is constructed and devoted. The dedication must be provided when the Sanctuary is constructed.
  • 27R may be paid by anyone from the Realm where the Sanctuary resides in order to rededicate the Sanctuary to a different entity.
  • Each Sanctuary increases the base amount of Tribute given to an entity to encourage it to provide an Audience in Camelot.

Mine - 72R

  • A Mine begins to dig into the earth to harvest the riches beneath, but at a risk to the stability of the world around it.
  • Each Mine produces a varying quantity of Resources (including Beans) each Phase, but carries a risk of a mishap with lasting consequences.
  • An average Bean production from a Mine would be 1-3 Beans, but this will vary.

Courthouse - 63R

  • A Courthouse is established to maintain the laws of the land.
  • Between events, the General of the Realm may specify an individual to try to bring to justice, or a change to the Realm's laws to effect its people.
  • The more Courthouses in a Realm, the more effective the General's endeavours in law will be.

Theatre - 54R

  • A new Theatre with its troupes and shows is established that brings joy and opportunities with it.
  • Each Theatre increases the chances of unexpected opportunities arising while on Quests and Vignettes in this Realm.

Woods - 45R

  • The Woods are cultivated to produce fruits and herbs to aid the people.
  • At the start of each Event, an assortment of healing consumables will be made available to the Monarch based on the number of Woods in the Realm.

Farm - 36R

  • Farmlands are established and managed to improve the food supplies of the people.
  • The people of the Realm are less likely to suffer from illnesses or other ill-health.

Feature - 18R

  • A small feature is added to this Territory and now exists here.
  • 10 words may be used to describe this feature.
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