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Event 3 Deadlines

These deadlines are out of date while we work to reschedule the event when it is safe.

Priority Booking Opens: 21st October 2019
Main Booking Opens: 28th October 2019
Main Booking Deadline: 1st February 2020
Character / Realm Submission Deadline: 1st May 2020
Late Booking / Cancellation Deadline: 31st July 2019

Booking Policy

Once bookings have opened for an Event you may reserve a place at the event by filling out a form which will be accessible when booking opens. Please see Next Event for details of information to include. Once your reservation has been confirmed you should send the £20 deposit via PayPal to (or get in touch for other methods) to confirm your place. If you do not do so your place may be offered to someone else.

There are 75 player spaces and 50 crew spaces available for the second Event. Priority booking will be available for a week before main booking opens to anyone who attended Chapter 1 or 2. In the event that more bookings are made than we have spaces, we will operate a waiting list in case spaces become available.

You do not need to have finalised your character in order to book.

You must pay the full amount (£80) by the main booking deadline. If you do not pay the amount you your place may be offered to someone on the waiting list, and you will possibly lose your deposit.

Bookings made after the main booking deadline will need to be paid in full before they are accepted. No booking will be taken after late booking deadline so that we can finalise numbers.

In order to finalise plot and props for players, all characters must be submitted by the Character Submission Deadline. We reserve the right to cancel any booking that fails to submit a character by the deadline, particularly where we have received no communication on the matter.

The Core Team reserves the right to refuse a booking without needing to give a reason why.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations before the main booking deadline will receive a refund not including deposit.

Cancellations made after the main booking deadline but before the cancellation deadline will receive a 50% refund not including deposit. This includes cancellations that we make due to failure to submit a character before the deadline.

Cancellations made after the cancellation deadline will get no refund.

Behaviour Policy

You may not make physical contact with another attendee without their consent except where the combat rules require it. You may always go out of character to check for consent.

You should not reference themes that are listed as restricted in the Acceptable Themes policy. You should take care when referencing themes on the same policy which are listed as sensitive.

If someone asks you to stop pursuing a topic of conversation, do so without question. If someone asks you to leave them alone, do so without question. If that causes issues, contact the core team.

You may report harassing behaviour by any attendee of an event to a member of crew. Your identity will not be revealed during the handling of this complaint. You may make reports about crew to either Head Ref.

Any and all illegal activity will be reported to the authorities. Offending players will be removed from the game.

If a member of crew makes a decision you may challenge it once. If the member of crew asserts they are still correct you must accept their ruling. If you are still unhappy with the decision you should escalate it to the Head Refs afterwards.

Following the spirit of the rules is just as important as following the letter. Lying about meeting Bond conditions, cheating in combat, and other such behaviour is certainly not in the spirit of the game and players found to be behaving in such a way are liable to be excluded.

It is always acceptable to drop out of character to correct someone's use of pronouns. If you don't feel comfortable correcting someone, it's always acceptable to find a Ref and ask them to correct someone for you. Repeatedly failing to use the correct pronouns for someone will be viewed dimly by the Core Team.

It is permissible to drink on site, but respect the choice of others not to drink. It is not acceptable to fight drunk, and if a member of crew determines that you are too drunk to remain safely in the game you will be asked to go to the OC area until you are able to.

Players and Crew are reminded to be respectful to one another. In particular, since Crew are paying volunteers, Players are reminded to be courteous of Crew and not make out of character demands on their time. If you wish to request a particular roleplaying interaction from a member of crew, seek a Ref.

Safety Policy

Safety is of utmost importance at Tales Untold. Anyone who engages in combat should be aware of how to LARP fight safely, and have had their weapons checked by a member of crew. If a member of crew tells you you are doing something unsafe, listen to them and amend your behaviour accordingly. If you disagree with that call, take it up with the Head Refs later. Persistently fighting unsafely is a good way to get yourself excluded from the game.

The call “STOP THE GAME” is our safety call. If you hear this, stop what you are doing and stay where you are so that the situation can be addressed. This is always an Out of Character call and should never be used in character.

The call “TELEVISION” - which is obviously OC and should not be used in character - indicates that the speaker needs to disengage from the current roleplay for OC reasons (such as anxiety, feeling overwhelmed by the situation, etc). It may also be represented non-verbally by crossing one's arms over their chest which should also never be used in character. When TELEVISION is called (whether verbally or not), all parties involved in the current roleplaying interaction, including the person who called TELEVISION, should stop the current interaction. If you believe TELEVISION has been called but not respected, call “STOP THE GAME”.

The call “OC: BACK OFF” should be used to indicate that the speaker would like to de-escalate the current roleplaying interaction without stopping it. This may be non-verbally communicated by holding two fingers in the air and waving downward. All parties involved in an interaction when “OC: BACK OFF” is called should de-escalate the situation - e.g. reduce volume or intensity of speech - and accommodate this request.

All participants should be aware of the LARP Safety rules and abide by them at all times. In particular, if someone is hitting you too hard in LARP combat then you should tell them so (or if you feel unable to do so, ask a Ref to tell them so). If someone tells you you are hitting them too hard they are by definition correct, and you should adjust how you are hitting accordingly.

We will have first aiders on site and their identities will be made clear to everyone at the briefing before TIME IN.

If an incident occurs, please report it to the Head Refs. When you do so, please provide as full and clear an account of what occurred as you can so that the Refs can be quickly brought up to speed as to what occurred.

If an injury results as a result of LARP fighting, the person responsible will be required to demonstrate they can fight safely to a combat Ref before they will be allowed to enter a LARP fight again.

Avoidance Policy

The Core Team believe that nobody should be forced to roleplay with someone with whom they are uncomfortable around OC. At any point during an Event, attendees may ask the Core Team to ask another attendee to avoid interacting with them. No reason needs to be given, but it is expected that such requests are made in good faith. Both sides should respect this request, with the understanding that given the nature of the event interaction may still occur. If at any point either party feels that this request is not being honoured, this should be taken up as soon as possible with a member of Core Team.

Player Event Policy

Player Events may be sanctioned but this will only be at the complete approval of the Core Team. Player Events will at a minimum need to have their own self-contained plot, be accessible to existing players, and be run for the purpose of running a plot, not for additional politicking. Do not assume that the Core Team will approve your Event until you have discussed it with us at

Complaints Policy

If you have a complaint about something please take this complaint to either of the Head Refs (Anna or Katie) either in person during an event or by contacting If you are not comfortable bringing a complaint to the Head Refs then you may bring complaints to Quest Ref.

When making a complaint about an incident, please provide as full an account as to what happened as you can so that the Refs are able to be brought up to speed as to what specifically occurred.

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