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In the world of Tales Untold there are a number of powerful entities - some call themselves gods, some take humbler names, and some eschew definition altogether. These entities - many of which can be found listed on the State of the World page - can be petitioned to provide their followers with an Audience, during which they will manifest their power in some form within a tent in Camelot in order to speak with their followers and devotees.

In order to attract their attention, Tribute must be given through the means of leaving items with dedications on the Camelot Shrine inside the Audience Tent. These will be collected and used to determine which entities will be making an appearance. Tribute can also be generated by constructing and dedicating Sanctuaries to the entity in question.

The exact manner and manifestation of each Audience varies wildly, but the following can always be expected:

  • The Audience timetable will be determined during the Event, being updated on Friday, Saturday Morning, and Sunday Morning at the point Conquest closes.
  • Audiences will take place within the Audience Tent, during which time it will be unavailable.
  • Audiences will last up to 30 minutes.
  • As it is in Camelot, Characters cannot be harmed in the Audience Tent except by the use of the SLAY call.
  • At most 5 characters will be able to attend each Audience, with preference given to those who directly left Tribute, and disagreements always settled by the Servants of Camelot managing the Audience tent.
  • Characters cannot be overheard or seen while in an Audience.

Audiences are by no means the only method through which entities may communicate with people, but are the only way that contact can be reliably established from people to these entities.


Tribute is the name for any sufficient dedication or sacrifice made toward an entity. Tribute is left on the Shrine in Camelot complete with a note specifying who left the Tribute and for which entity, and generated by dedicated Sanctuaries.

What counts as Tribute is not limited, but you should consider what the entity will appreciate before leaving it.

Commonly known examples of Tribute include:

  • Coin
  • Gems
  • Magical Items
  • Icons
  • Relics
  • Blood
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