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Booking Forms

There are 75 player spaces and 50 crew spaces available at each Event. Player spaces cost £80 (£50 for Concessions), Crew spaces are free but Crew will need to purchase Meal Tickets. Payment by PayPal to Katie Moore - you must use the Friends and Family option when sending payment otherwise we lose a substantial amount of ticket costs to PayPal's fees (we are not a business!) - or contact us for other means of paying.

Meal Tickets are booked separately and cost £30 for both Players and Crew.

The price of the Player Ticket covers:

Access to the site

  • Funding the many props and costumes we use across the weekend
  • Enabling us to buy tents that can be used to provide more areas and facets to the game
  • Enabling us to hire a van to transport the game to the site
  • Offsetting the cost for Crew so we can bring more to the game

Information on what Crewing involves can be found on the Crewing page.

Chapter 6: 5-7th April 2024

Chapter 7: 27-29th September 2024

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