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State of the World for Chapter 6

Since Camelot opened its doors again, many things have come to light in the world - many events have become well known amongst the people. This page details commonly known information that came to light during the last meeting at Camelot. You may choose how much or how little of this you know in character; this page is presented to provide opportunity to know about these things, rather than being a reading list to join the game!

See State of the World for Chapter 5 for past information.

We also present the following pages of information about the World - if you can't find what you're looking for here, try these pages:

The Behemoth, and Gateways the Lost

Those attending Camelot for its fifth opening were met with the presence of a large deer-like skull shrouded in darkness. On the rare occasions where it spoke, it identified itself as the Behemoth, protector of the Lost. It gave thanks to its “Keeper”, the ruler of the Realm of the Lost – Eirik the Lost – for creating a place for it, and made its desires known: that beings from other worlds be given a place in the Hundred Realms by virtue of the construction of Gateways to these other worlds. It explained that the Harmonics that appeared during the last opening were from one such world, as is the lost realm of Thule.

Shortly following this, more ambassadors from Lost Worlds began to appear:

  • One calling themself Eighteen from a land called Tomorrow, where the people fight to survive against gigantic beasts that roam and scorch the land;
  • One calling themself Capita, from the Land of Coin where everything has a price;
  • One called Saskia from Meister's World, a place where she claims even the laws of physics are decided by a single madman known only as the Meister;
  • A pair called Volanto and Insomnius from a land of Dream who purported to have purview over the dreams of the people;
  • A pair of self-proclaimed immortals who took over the duty of liaising with the Oracular Mirror and managing Conquest, called Mierin and Hellion;
  • An entire detachment from the House of Cards whose Queen attempted to see the arrest and execution of the Servant, Unimportant.

They and Behemoth urged the construction of Gateways to allow these worlds purchase in the lands of the Hundred Realms, a task that required:

  • A Territory to be ceded to the Lost World in question.
  • An Anchor of sufficient importance from the Lost World to be gated to - either an object, a ritual, or a person.
  • The equivalent power of Seven Defining Moments.

These elements, when presented to Unimportant, could be used to construct a Gateway to a Lost World, with an unknown additional effect.

A Gateway to Behemoth itself in Camelot remains intact, which has the effect of allowing Behemoth to commune with people in Camelot. In addition, the following Gateways exist:

  1. A Gateway to the Elegant Harmony in the Bloodthrone Seat, which has the effect of being able to have Mana spent in it to protect Forces from Harmonic infection.
  2. A Gateway to Dream in Caerlaeone, now called Phantasia, which has the effect of amplifying the dreams of the mortals across the Hundred Realms.
  3. A Gateway to Tomorrow in Adhbhar, now called New Tomorrow, which has the effect of unleashing titanic monsters that when beaten with valour present experience to the Force that defeated it.
  4. A Gateway to Thule in Somewhere, now called the Dome of Crowns, which has the effect of returning Thule to the world in its entirety.

Behemoth noted that if Seven Gateways beyond the one to itself are constructed, this will permanently anchor all of the Lost Worlds to the Hundred Realms.

Morgana Becomes General Of Camelot

After a ball in her honour, and hours of negotiation, Eirik the Lost offered Morgana Pendragon the position of General of Camelot. This was met with jubilation in Camelot as the newly formed Realm of the Lost immediately raised its armies under Morgana's banner and marched forth to begin reclaiming the Hundred Realms as they once did.

Rumours that during this ball, Merlin came seconds away from a grisly death by the means of a Curse from General Pendragon have silenced swiftly and ruthlessly.

Strange Changes

As Magic's power continues to change and fluctuate, the importance of different patterns within the Hundred Realms have become notably important. Beyond just the signs in the Stars or particular resonances with different icons and fortunes, Magic identified a large number of “Archetypes” – roles for individuals who best embody a certain pattern of being – that have the ability to make changes in the world.

All of these, such as the Ruler or the Scholar, have direct links to known astrological constellations, and a number of publications are in circulation that explain what the different “Astratypes” are. Whatever they are and however they form, it is clear that there is powerful magic at work in embodying these Archetypes, and at the end of the last gathering, some in Camelot who had proven themselves worthy of claiming an Archetype received the ability to influence the world.

The effects of these changes are still not widely known, though some are inherently clear as individuals develop new capabilities seemingly overnight. These changes also come into play as the Star of the Future – significant to Cerrid Astrology – is placed in the sky in the constellation of the Scholar.

OC - Due to changes in the world, some Characters will receive bonus abilities. This is an In Character development for Chapter 6 onwards and you may act as surprised as you would like:

  • If you do not have the Mage skill: Once per 12 hours you may call RESIST to a call that targets you.
  • If you have of the skills listed below: Once per event you may give a heroic battlecry and restore yourself to your maximum number of hitpoints. You may do this even if you are bleeding out.
    • Qualifying Skills: Armour Training, Ambidextrous, Shield Use, Stout, Two-Handed Weapon Fighting

Arkenholm's Queen Begins Ascension

Those in Camelot, and any in Arkenholm, will be keenly aware that Ceindeg the Bright, Queen of Arkenholm, has begun being proclaimed as the God-Queen, and was capable of granting an Audience as other gods do. This ascension comes as Arkenholm's forces seize the centre of Algaroth – High Skarna – and raze its Stronghold to the ground in the honour of the God of Albion (though Arkenholm's courthouses insist that differing religion is not treason, since the Bright Laws proclaim there is no such thing as treason).

The only other ruler to have claimed ascension was God-King Xenocrates of Stratiotora, though he has not been seen in some time.

Svobodaskein Destroyed, Its Spirit Persists

The Realm of Svobodaskein has been annihilated by the combined forces of Nelaria, Cedunon, Stratiotora, and the Goblin Lands. Its people are scattered and find themselves ruled in different lands. This has not effected the spirit of Svobodaskein, echoed magically by Cali of the swamps across the lands, reminding all that as long as the Svobodan spirit lives on, Svobodaskein will never truly die.

Characters with Svobod backgrounds are still welcome, but the Realm would need to be resurrected from its ashes to survive.

Court of Thorns Crushed as Pirates Pick Fight With Envy

The fledgeling Court of Thorns was devastated as quickly as it arose by the combined forces of Arkenholm, Sera, and the Damned Pirates of Penmortid. Clearly a deal was broken between the dragon Envy – sponsor of the Court of Thorns – and Penmortid, as in response it torched the coasts of Penmortid wherever there was no resistance. This is rumoured to have angered the Pirate Queen – understandably – but retribution from Queen Rhiannon and her allies in Sera was cut short by interference from the Furies magically interceding. Envy roosts in Feathermoor, biding its time.

Todrick Wreaks Havoc

A series of ill-advised spells from Ill Luck Todrick of Legion caused devastation across the Hundred Realms as the dead were empowered, forces teleported and raised, lands flooded, and worst of all the entirety of the Misty Straits were erased from existence until Todrick acted to bring them back. While the damage is undone for now, it seems to have left a scar on Todrick's mind, and also paved the way for actions of the Knave that emulated this chaos.

Strife Persists, the Cult Unmasked

Warfare continues to be bloody and the aftermaths of clashes unpredictable while discontent easily rises throughout the Hundred Realms wherever there is complacenecy. This effect, proclaimed as the work of the mysterious Cult of Strife, has been causing increased tensions and threatening to destabilise Realms. Halrgardr suffered a rebellion from its First Force due to this inaction – something since quashed by King Dragoson – but the volatility remains.

The Cult of Strife themselves, however, found themselves unmasked by the virtue of the a change made by an Archetype, and were revealed to be none other than the royal court of Rhyfel: Queen Arianwen, Cadfan app Caradoc, Air Adhart, and Aeron the Sunbringer. They revelled in their revelation, with the Sunbringer appearing to take on a completely different identity as the Knave, committing to wreaking havoc across the world.

Wall of Thorns Isolates New Tomorrow

As it became apparent that the Gateway to Tomorrow would unleash monstrosities on the Hundred Realms, allies banded together to defeat them and raise a Wall of Thorns around the territory of New Tomorrow where the Gateway stood, trapping the Monsters inside. It also traps the Survivors inside…

Legion and Allies drive back the Harmony, for now

The Realm of Legion was beset by the sudden rise of the Elegant Harmony on its coast-most border. The fighting has been fierce, and Legionnaires report with horror that the Harmonics are capable of infecting their Forces to turn against them, and all became increasingly dire as Ill Luck Todrick empowered the Harmonics, as well as the revelation that Harmonics had been hiding amidst those at Camelot and plotting against them. By the work of Legion and its allies, the Harmonics were driven back before the Harmonic, Seluna, devastated their advance by empowering the Bloodthrone Seat Stronghold to create new Forces and also pump poison into the land making it deadly to non-Harmonics.

The fighting culminated in an enormous assault from Legion and its Allies with magic flying all about, and ultimately the empowerment of the Fourth Fiobha Force by the death of the Big Bad Wolf at the hands of Muireall MacRòn and act to protect it from Harmonic power meant that the Harmonics were able to be driven back into their castle and through their Gateway. For now, they are defeated, but Harmonics are known to bide their time, and should control of the territory slip from Fiobha's protected Force they will surely return, and rumours of Forces still secretly loyal to the Harmony still abound.

Goblin God Guards Goblins

The Goblin God, Big Guy, has celebrated coming into his power by granting a gift to the Goblins of a Big Wish. This Wish has seen the Goblins ask for Big Guy's protection, and he has sworn to provide it as much as he can. The Goblin Lands are, for the time being, divinely warded against harmful effects that do not originate from Goblins or their Allies.

Public Alliances

Some Alliances are well known in the world and we deemed it appropriate to list them here. If you would like us to add your Alliance to this list please contact us. The exact agreement of each Alliance will vary and we stress there is no “standard alliance” - this is simply information we are presenting to help understand the world.

The Alliance Against The Harmony

The Alliance Against The Harmony sees the cooperation of Realms that have been threatened by the Harmony, bound together by Rootin the Goblin:

This Alliance is bound magically.

The Treaty of Iron and Wood

The Treaty of Iron and Wood is a publicly known Alliance of Realms found toward the tributaries of the river surrounding Camelot and consists of:

This Alliance is bound magically.

Vassal State of Feathermoor

The Realm of Feathermoor remains as a Vassal State of Fiobha, with the larger Realm pledging its protection to it publicly. Those who cross Cora will cross Muireall MacRòn as well.

This Alliance is bound magically.

The Goblin-Ridings Treaty

The Goblin Lands have made a treaty with the Ridings that was bound by Jeremiah Gubbins.

This Alliance is bound magically.

Serian-Penmortid Friendship

Sera and Penmortid have been working closely together but have no agreed alliance.

Common Spell Knowledge

We have updated the Spell List with a number of spells that are commonly known, as well as publishing the spells we are rebalancing for Chapter 5. In particular, please note the rebalancing of Nullify Orders, though this is an IC development.

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