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When you create your character, you will be able to pick 2 skills from the following list of skills. These represent your character's abilities. You will be able to change these between events.

Base Abilities

Everyone has access to the following abilities without skills:

  • 3 hits
  • Ability to wield and fight with a weapon no longer than 42“ long
  • Ability to wield and fight with a weapon shorter than 24” main gauche alongside the main weapon.
  • 3 minute death count
  • Ability to Staunch a Wound to pause somebody's death count
  • May read magic Scrolls and follow their instructions

At base you cannot do the following things:

  • Cannot create Spells
  • Cannot make moves on the Conquest table
  • Cannot perform Healing
  • Cannot wield a shield
  • Cannot wield a weapon longer than 42“


Armour Training

When you wear Armour, your max hits are increased by 1 hit and your death count is increased by 1 minute. You also gain 3 RESISTs, to any call, that refreshes after 5 minutes spent away from combat.


You may wield and fight with 2 weapons up to 42” long - one in either hand.


You may give orders to the forces of your realm at the Conquest table. There may only be one General in each Realm. You may Step Down from this position at any time.

  • Once per event you may count as a “relevant authority” for making a declaration for a single Bond.


With 15 seconds of medical roleplay (e.g. applying of bandages, concentration of magic, or words of encouragement) you may call HEAL to a target within sword's reach. You may not HEAL yourself with this skill.


You may create Scrolls at the Fonts of Magic. Every 12 hours you may collect a supply of 9 Beans by presenting yourself at the Fonts of Magic.

New Characters who are Mages from Event 4 onwards will also receive a one-off bonus initial stipend of 27 beans when they are first played.


You are the figurehead for your Realm. There may only be one Monarch in each Realm. You may Step Down from this position at any time. Monarchs have the following abilities:

  • You may collect Resources from the Conquest table (or send someone in your stead with your crest).
  • You may present the Cede Territory Conquest Order to cede a territory to another Realm.
  • Once per event, you may speak uninterrupted for 60s by declaring “I am the Monarch of X, hear my words”. Seek a Ref when you choose to do this, as there will be consequences for anyone who interrupts you.
  • Between events, the reigning Monarch of each Realm will be asked OC what Quests they would be interested in pursuing for their Realm.
  • Once per event you may count as a “relevant authority” for making a declaration for a single Bond.

Shield Use

You may wield a shield, no larger than 36“ in any dimension, and use it to block damage (but not effect calls) that strike it.


You have a base 6 hits instead of 3, and your death count is increased by 3 minutes.

Two-Handed Weapon Training

You may wield and fight with a weapon longer than 42” using two hands.

You do not require this skill to wield a shorter weapon with two hands.


You may receive information (Interludes) from goings on in other Realms at the start of the event. When you sign in, pick EITHER two adjacent Realms to your own or one non-adjacent Realm to receive information on as if you were a player of that Realm. You will also receive a special rumour for the event.

Three times per event you may also receive a piece of information about an encounter in an available Quest or Vignette at the Conquest table from the available information boxes.

Bonus Abilities

Due to changes in the world, some Characters will receive bonus abilities. This is an In Character development for Chapter 6 onwards.

  • If you do not have the Mage skill: Once per 12 hours you may call RESIST to a call that targets you.
  • If you have of the skills listed below: Once per event you may give a heroic battlecry and restore yourself to your maximum number of hitpoints. You may do this even if you are bleeding out.
    • Qualifying Skills: Armour Training, Ambidextrous, Shield Use, Stout, Two-Handed Weapon Fighting

Changing Skills

Between Events you may choose to change your choice of skills by emailing There is no advancement of Skills between events.

Stepping Down and Stepping Up

During an event, it is possible to Step Down from being Monarch or General of a Realm. If you choose to do this, please find a Ref before you do so. When you Step Down, you may choose to specify one successor who will be given the option to Step Up to take up the role. If your chosen successor refuses the position, your Realm will be without a Monarch or General (whichever you stepped down from) until start of the next Event - you don't get the opportunity to step back up! After stepping down, you may select a replacement skill for free.

When you Step Up to a position, again find a Ref. You will need to choose which skill you are replacing to become Monarch or General in order to Step Up into one of these positions.

You may temporarily step up to a position by virtue of being handed the Crest of General or Monarch of a Realm. If you do this, you must pick a skill which is not available to you until you have returned the Crest. You may not change the skill you have picked to sacrifice, and may only regain it when someone else takes up the Crest.

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