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Gods and Religions

Since Camelot opened its doors again, many things have come to light in the world - many beings, gods, religions and faiths have become well known amongst the people. This page details commonly known information as of Chapter 3 at Camelot - you may choose how much or how little of this you know in character: this page is presented to provide opportunity to know about these things, rather than being a reading list to join the game!

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The God of Albion

Before Arthur united the lands under the banner of Albion, religion was a thing of small practice usually influenced by the history of the villages and town's which practiced them. However, with the popularization of Arthur, the knowledge of their everlasting quest for the True Grail seeped across his Realm and The God of Albion - creator of the True Grail - began to be worshiped on a scale never seen before. Said to be a symbol of truth, loyalty and knowledge, people who show devotion through courageous acts, heroic deeds and use of magical sacrifices.

However, as the years drew on the Grail left un-found, many scholars - including Merlin herself - lost faith in the existence of such a cup. With belief on the decline, the fall of Camelot lead to the sanctity and holiness of The God of Albion being called into question. Now, the Realms that follow the old ways are fewer and fewer and it is said that new, more popular religions are popping up in its stead.

OC: Please note The God of Albion should always be referred to in the whole. This is not the God of Christianity and should not be referred to as such.

Devoted Realms: Albion, Cotswell
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 1

The Ancestors of Penmortid

Damned belief holds their Ancestors in high regard. As an heir of a specific ancestor, you are infused with something of them and are considered the custodian of their legacy. Rumour has it that at times of crisis - in the heat of battle, for example - a person may find themselves possessed by the spirit of their ancestor. While the Ancestors work for the good of Penmortid, they all have their own agendas and conflict between the Ancestor is believed by some to be the cause of tumltuous weather and stormy seas.

Prominent Ancestors:

  • Arverus the Conqueror
  • Delbaeth the Cynic
  • Merrin the Turncoat
  • Setana the Hero

Devoted Realms: Penmortid
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 0

The Most Perfect Aspirant of the Spires

The Spires is a realm named for its churches, each erected in praise to the Most Perfect Aspirant, a God of Power and Perfection. The Church teaches that the Aspirant is the spirit of perfection, and that those who die find themselves close to the Aspirant upon death; the more the deceased excelled in life, the closer they reside to the most perfect being.

In general, the Aspirants consider self-improvement a moral necessity above all others. Their farmers must be the very best farmers, their warriors must train to never fall. To insinuate that someone could not improve, or is already perfect, would deny an Aspirant the chance to become closer to their deity.

Devoted Realms: The Spires
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 0

God-King Xenocrates of Stratiotora

Xenocrates, most revered god-king of Stratiotora, is the ascended form of the powerful ruler Xenocrates. For three years now, since the arrival of his faithful Viziers, Xenocrates has been ascending to the position of godhood that truly represents the power and might of Stratiotora to all who dwell within.

As proof of Xenocrates' power, great signs are often given across the lands - great conjunctions of weather and portents, as well as now proclamations from Xenocrates' most perfect child, Theodekles, who has recently been born into the world whole as an adult. Xenocrates' will, since gazing upon his power would melt any mortal, is interpreted both by Theodekles and his attendant, Proklemates (pictured), as well as by the Grand Viziers.

Devoted Realms: Stratiotora
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 0

The Grey Shroud and Silver Well

Serians are fervent worshippers of the Grey Shroud, Bringer of Death, and the Silver Well, Giver of Life, possibly the same being with different aspects, possibly siblings or something else. No one is certain, but it is best to keep them on side either way and present tribute when appropriate.

Once a year secretive offerings are also made by those of the royal line, to ensure the realm's wealth, to the Nightbeast, a creature or ancient God who is said to dwell in the depths of the mines.

Devoted Realms: Sera
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 3

The Totem Animals of Fiobha

Fiobha hold great importance in nature, in particular the animal totem spirits that committed Fiobha mages and druids will adopt and devote themselves too. With each spirit forming its own facet of magic - from the sharp eyed crow, the fierce-clawed cat, to the selkies of the shore - while the Totem Animal Spirits rarely act as one, their power imbues all the devoted in Fiobha who choose to follow them.

The most devoted of Fiobha mages are rumoured to be able to take the form of not just their own totem spirit but that of any animal, by applying that power.

Known / popular Totem Animals:

  • The Boar
  • The Wolf
  • The Rabbit
  • The Crow
  • The Raven
  • The Seal

Devoted Realms: Fiobha
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 1

The Astrology of Cerrid

The Cerridians are fascinated with astronomy, gazing to the stars with the constellation of the Enfield hanging over their realm. Astrologers and Astromancers, however they choose to call themselves, find great meaning and power in the stars, and the studious will go to great lengths to analyse their power.

While the Stars themselves are not generally believed to be sentient entities of power (though, should they fall to the world, they are certainly powerful magically), the greatest who can comprehend them certainly are. The wise owl, Stolas, has amassed great wisdom from the movement of the sky, and the wisdom of Stolas is exemplary of the power that the Stars can hold.

Devoted Realms: Cerrid
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 1

Grandfather Oak

The Ceddish, and many beyond, find significance and importance in the flora of the land - the order of the Green Knights adopt the names of leaves and flowers as part of their name when they commit themselves to the protection of the land, and are recognisable for their floral adornments when they march.

Of all of these, the sworn protector of the woods and the druids, most praised and revered religiously by the Green Knights of Cedunon is Grandfather Oak. The greatest and most noble of all the trees and plants, Grandfather Oak harbours both great wisdom and great power.

Devoted Realms: Cedunon
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 0

The Dread Axioms of Algaroth

Installed by the fearsome Grand Warlock Skarn as the mandatory religion of Algaroth, the Dread Axioms hold - among many other points - that power over others is both right and natural, and that it is imperative that those given power use it else it is wasted. While the exact wording of the Dread Axioms - believed to number in the region of 10 - was lost at the point of the Grand Warlock's demise, the power of the Dread Axioms is still felt throughout the land of Algaroth and beyond, with many believing that the letter of the Axioms is unimportant, but that the power promised within them to those who seize every opportunity at their disposal is in itself a powerful dark entity.

Devoted Realms: Algaroth
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 1

The Wasp God

“Deep in the woods, an infernal buzzzzzing can be heard… some say they don't hear it, but they are all liarzzz… Can you not hear it? Doezzzzz it not haunt you at every moment? Are your nightzzzz not haunted by dreamzzzzz of its magnificenzzzzzze? It is out there… The Wazzzzzzp God… bringer of all that fly and bite: itzzzz sting is legendary and itzzzz mind… itzzzzz miiiiind….”

Devoted Realms: None
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 0

Big Guy

Big Guy is the newly created god of the Goblins. More than the effigy of sticks he was created as, he embodies the very nature of Goblinness.

Devoted Realms: The Goblin Lands
Baseline Sanctuary Tribute: 1

The Cult of the Individual

The Cult of the Individual espouses that no gods or monarchs should have jurisdiction over any other: each Individual is worthy of venerating. The Sanctuaries to the Individual are places of learning and furthering the cause of individual power, and they summon no god to an Audience.

Devoted Realms: Svobodaskein
Baseline Tribute: 3


    • Devoted Realms: None
    • Baseline Tribute: 1
  • Emus
    • Devoted Realms: Feathermoor
    • Baseline Tribute: 1
    • Devoted Realms: None
    • Baseline Tribute: 1
    • Devoted Realms: None
    • Baseline Tribute: 1
    • Devoted Realms: None
    • Baseline Tribute: 2
    • Devoted Realms: The Empire of Ducks
    • Baseline Tribute: 1
    • Devoted Realms: None
    • Baseline Tribute: 1
    • Devoted Realms: None
    • Baseline Tribute: 1
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