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Events of Tales Untold are great meetings of representatives and denizens of the Hundred Realms in the ruins of Camelot. Here they meet to diplome, to scheme, to battle, to plot, to forge partnerships, to experiment with magic, and to wage war against each other. Events consist of a number of components, listed on this page.

There will be 7 Tales Untold Events total:

  • Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time - 2018
  • Chapter 2: The Plot Thickens - 2019
  • Chapter 3: A Twist of Fate - 2022
  • Chapter 4: ??? - 2023
  • Chapter 5: ??? - 2023
  • Chapter 6: ??? - 2024
  • Chapter 7: ??? - 2024


Upon arriving on site for the event you must check in and the check-in desk. This will be situated before the OC camping field and crewed during the time before the game. For safety reasons, it is not permitted to be on site without signing in there.

Time In / Time Out

Between the following times, everywhere on site except the crew hut, OC camping field, car park, toilets, showers, kitchen and medical tent are IN CHARACTER areas:

  • 8pm-Midnight Friday
  • 9.30am-Midnight Saturday
  • 9.30am-1pm Sunday

Outside of these times, only the main hall will remain IN CHARACTER.

All camping and sleeping areas are always OUT OF CHARACTER areas.



  • 1.00pm - Crew (and players for whom it is inconvenient to be later) may be on site
  • 4.00pm - Players may generally be on site
  • 5.00pm - Player Cards may be collected
  • 7.45pm - Pre-game briefing
  • 8.00pm - TIME IN
  • 8.30pm - Mages may collect their first stipend of Beans from the Fonts of Magic
  • 8.30pm - First Phase Conquest Orders may be submitted
  • 8.30pm - Monarchs may collect new Realm resources from the Conquest Refs
  • 10.30pm - First Phase Conquest Orders deadline
  • 11.00pm - Fonts of Magic Close
  • Midnight - TIME OUT except in the Main Hall


  • 9.30am - TIME IN
  • 9.30am - Mages may collect their second stipend of Beans from the Fonts of Magic
  • 10.30am - Monarchs may collect new Realm resources from the Conquest Refs
  • 10.30am - Second Phase Conquest Orders may be submitted
  • 11.00am - The Tournament Melee
  • 12.30pm - Second Phase Conquest Orders deadline
  • 2.30pm - Monarchs may collect new Realm resources from the Conquest Refs
  • 2.00pm - Third Phase Conquest Orders may be submitted
  • 4.00pm - Third Phase Conquest Orders deadline
  • 6.30pm - Conquest Map updated
  • 6.30pm - Monarchs may collect new Realm resources from the Conquest Refs
  • 7.30pm - Fourth Phase Conquest Orders may be submitted
  • 8.30pm - Mages may collect their third stipend of Beans from the Fonts of Magic
  • 9.30pm - Fourth Phase Conquest Orders deadline
  • 11.00pm - Fonts of Magic Close
  • Midnight - TIME OUT except in the Main Hall


  • 9.30am - TIME IN
  • 9.30am - Mages may collect their final stipend of Beans from the Fonts of Magic
  • 9.30am - Conquest Map updated
  • 9.30am - Monarchs may collect new Realm resources from the Conquest Refs
  • 9.30am - Fifth Phase Conquest Orders may be submitted
  • 11.30pm - Fifth Phase Conquest Orders deadline
  • 1.00pm - TIME OUT, end of Event
  • 3.00pm - Packed down and Off Site

Note that Conquest resources may be collected at any time during the open Conquest phase (between the map being updated and the Orders deadline) and these do not accumulate if not collected. Mage stipends may be collected at any time after the stipend is made available and these do accumulate if not collected.



  • Fonts of Magic
  • Conquest Table
  • Quest locations
  • The Proving Ground

If in doubt, if you are not in an explicitly OC area during TIME IN then you are likely in an IN CHARACTER area.


  • Check-In Desk
  • Monster Hut
  • Operations desk
  • Camping Area
  • Car Park
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Kitchen
  • Medical Isolation Tent


Every character will receive a “Crest” which represents them. This can be passed to other characters to perform tasks in their stead (such as collecting resources or delivering orders). A crest is intrinsically tied to the character and cannot be withheld from them or stolen by any means - if someone asks for their Crest back you must return it immediately.


Conquest is the way wars are fought in Tales Untold. Throughout the event, a large map detailing the military situation of the Hundred Realms will be available, five conquest phases will occur during the Generals will be asked to submit their orders to the Oracular Mirror. Between each Phase the Oracular Mirror will predict the outcomes of their battles and update the map accordingly. By the end of each event, the military fate of the Hundred Realms will be known and sealed. For clarity, the phases are as follows:

  • Phase 1 - Opens 8.30pm, Friday. Closes Midnight, Friday.
  • Phase 2 - Opens 10.30am, Saturday. Closes 2.00pm, Saturday.
  • Phase 3 - Opens 2.30pm, Saturday. Closes 6.00pm, Saturday.
  • Phase 4 - Opens 6.30pm, Saturday. Closes 10.00pm, Saturday.
  • Phase 5 - Opens 9.30am, Sunday. Closes 12.00pm, Sunday.


Magic scrolls can be created at Camelot. The location is home to the Fonts of Magic from which Magic flows and can be written into Scrolls by those skilled in the art (Mages). Using magical resources, Mages can visit the Fonts of Magic at any time to create scrolls, to grant blessings or enact grave curses.

The Round Table

A number of members of Arthur's Round Table (including Arthur and Merlin themselves) survived the Fall of Camelot and are known to still call the ruins home. They are still very much around and keen to find out about the world and to offer their advice.


A number of powerful individuals are capable of taking people out of Camelot and on short Quests to locations in the Hundred Realms to achieve various goals such as rescuing people in distress, retrieving valuable artefacts, researching ancient secrets, saving villages from dragons and so on and so forth. There will be a number of opportunities to go on Quests across the course of the weekend and these are short linears where combat will be expected. The exact times, purposes and locations of these linears are not strictly defined, but broadly speaking if you want to go on a Quest at some point you should be able to. We expect, roughly, 1 Quest on Friday evening, 4 Quests on Saturday, and 2 Quests on Sunday (though this is not set in stone!)

The Proving Ground

The Proving Ground is an area of Camelot that is not protected and anyone can be hurt or die in.

In the Proving Ground, Jousts and the Melee will be taking place. Jousts can be requested from the Knight running the Jousts at any point and they will be scheduled. A Tournament will also take place which can be entered by anyone. While Jousts and the Melee are not taking place, anyone can enter the Proving Ground for a fight, bearing in mind that they will not be under Camelot's protection.

Weapon Checking

All weapons and shields intended for use in LARP combat must be checked with a weapons ref before they can be used for combat. This must be done before TIME IN. If you arrive late then get your weapons checked by a Head Ref before you enter the game. Do not enter the game with unchecked weapons.

Weapons will also be checked before Jousts, the Melee and Quests by a present weapons ref. Do not enter any of these without having the weapons ref check your weapon again, and make sure to plan for this to ensure everyone's weapons can be checked in good time.


Huntley Wood is a campsite so you will need to bring your own tent and all will need to bring their own bedding as this will not be provided by the site, or hire one of the tents available from Huntley Wood themselves on their website. If, for medical reasons, you absolutely require indoor sleeping, we may be able to accommodate this but please discuss this with us at We will also be sending out useful information and reminders to the mailing list as the event draws closer.


  • The OC Camping area will always be out of character, as will the Crew area.
  • There will always be a Ref available out of character at the Ops Desk.
  • If you need to talk to someone about anything at all, feel free to find someone at either of these places, or ask someone to point you to one.
  • Our game mechanics are designed to be straightforward, but if you aren't sure what you're doing, it's always acceptable to ask IC or drop OC for clarification. We would much prefer you drop OC to make your game better than to stay in the dark!
  • As per our Policies, you can ask the Refs to make an avoidance request if there is someone you are uncomfortable roleplaying with. No reason needs to be given and honouring the request will be on both parties.
  • If you are concerned that the actions of another attendee is impacting the game of another player, contact the Core Team and we will investigate.


The site we have for Event 3 is the Wyldwood at Huntley Wood, which is a campsite in the woods in Staffordshire. It is therefore not completely accessible for those with restricted mobility, but the area we are using for Camelot should be. If you have concerns about accessibility please contact us at

Places Available

For the second Event of Tales Untold there will be 75 player spaces available and 50 crew spaces. Player spaces cost £80. Crew spaces cost £25.

Operation Management (Ops) Desk

Throughout the game, a member of Core Team will be available through the Operation Management (Ops) desk. Any queries both OC and IC can be directed here at any time, and this is the best way to locate a Ref for a call to be made. The desk won't be accessible at night.

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