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Character Information

Here will be a list of characters as they are created and booked.

Booked Characters


Fell Witch Ysaura, Sorceress of Sorrow

Name: Fell Witch Ysaura, Sorceress of Sorrow
Player: Gwen T
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Four years ago, a dark storm raged over the capital of Algaroth. None dared to leave the confines of their homes - even the Dread Court stayed locked away in the safe stone walls of the castle they had wrested into their control.

They barely heard the knocking on the gates at first. It must have been wind, or branches, or rocks. When the gateguards finally decided it was worth investigating the sound, the girl they found on other side of the door barely had strength to raise her hand again. Wrapped in a thin, torn cloak, her tatty boots stained with the blood of her blisters, she was a sorry sight to put before the Grand Warlock, but despite her weakness she still stood tall before him, met his eyes and told her tale: she was a sorceress from a kingdom to the East, whose magic had urged her to travel to Algaroth and offer her power to Skarn's rule. The Court laughed at first, for how could such a wretch be of use to their cruel king?

A moment later, at a gesture from her cold, dirt-streaked hand, half of the court guard fell to the floor, their screams of agony filling the room. The hideous melody lasted until her hand fell again, her eyes never leaving Skarn's, proud and determined, sure of her power and her new place in his court.

The next day, washed, warmed and restored to the cold beauty that had been concealed by her hard journey, Ysaura took her place at his side.

And when Leona returned from Camelot with the blood of the warlock and archon on her sword, Ysaura stood with her. Algaroth is her salvation. She is devoted, loyal, and faultlessly faithful to her new kingdom and its Axioms, whoever sits on its throne.


Cadoc Carew

Name: Cadoc Carew
Player: James W
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Cadoc Carew led a popular uprising in the Realm of Arkenholm, resulting in the ascension of his sister Ceindeg to the Sapphire Throne. Through strength and sorcery he shall ensure Arkenholm’s rise once more unto glory, as its people have long been promised.

Ceindeg the Bright

Name: Ceindeg the Bright
Player: Susannah C
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Queen of the once-glorious realm of Arkenholm, Ceindeg the Bright (once Ceindeg Carew) has vowed to lead her people back to prosperity and restore the splendour of their lands. With the help of her brother Cadoc and their retainers, she aims to rebuild allegiances with other realms, and has journeyed to Camelot in the hopes of building a new future for her people.

Iobar Doitean

Name: Iobar Doitean
Player: Michael S
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Iobar Doitean is a wandering collector of stories and lore. He arrived in Arkenholm shortly before the uprising and has since adopted the Kingdom as his homeland, citing his desire to see history in the making as his reason for doing so.


Bartholomew of Mire

Name: Bartholomew of Mire
Player: Bill S
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Bartholomew of Mire was a man with ambition and cunning who was dogged for most of his life by bad luck. Kicked out of mage guilds for being at the wrong place at the wrong time he had to ply his trade wherever he could find the work. His luck changed when he managed to complete a challenge for the Queen of Auralia. Serving as her court enchanter and general council he hopes that he can continue his experiments and studies without further interruption.

Queen Desirae Morgannon

Name: Queen Desirae Morgannon
Player: Charlotte W-S
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Desirae is a daughter of the Morgannon family, last surviving member and the Queen of the realm of Auralia. She is a beloved monarch and the nobles of the land spend their time trying to curry favour with her through feats of honour, strength, magic or the backstabbing betrayal of one another. It begs the question of how she alone stays in power. Her time is spent organising parties, fiercely negotiating with other realms and taking no small amount of pleasure in the escapades of her subjects. Desirae is known to have changeable moods and being close to her comes at a risk.


Name: Ninette
Player: Laura L
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Ninette worked hard for the role of general, training from an early age with swords and stout sticks. Gaining the favour of Queen of the realm, she fought off competition. Not only skilled in fighting, but with growing diplomacy, Ninette has learned that sometimes, diplomacy means not saying what you think of people immediately and unfiltered.



Name: Aeduin
Player: Alexander E-T
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Aeduin grew up in a village near Shadow Wood where frequent bandits attacks and the demands of the Witch meant that his childhood was tough. He is Mildreth's servant.

Lord Crow

Name: Lord Crow
Player: Elynor K
IC Pronouns: He/Him

The ruler of the Realm of Barrowfell has always held the title of Lord Crow. Passed on from generation to generation through nomination of those who might uphold the legacy of this proud title, the Lord Crow of Barrowfell once struck fear into the hearts of the most fearless of bandits, and a loyalty stronger than steel from their followers. Each generation had a new legend to tell, greater than the one before.

And though the legends are still told, they are old and faded. Since the rise of Camelot, the Lord Crow became a figurehead; a tool to pacify, not to rule. Getting back to the legends of old after the Fall returned power to Barrowfell has proven difficult. This is the third year since this Lord Crow was given the title, after the previous one - his brother - fell victim to golden fever. Though he has ruled well enough to calm some of the chaos after the Fall, and with enough assertion not to be accused of weakness, people still whisper that it invites poor luck to be near him for too long, that perhaps he is cursed. For, though he is still a young man he has already lost his brother to fever, and two wives; the first going missing almost three years ago, the second passing from natural causes last year. Barrovians are a superstitious lot and so the Lord Crow is approached with hesitation.

Though he often secludes himself in the great fortress of Mount Knoll, rumour has it the Lord Crow is reaching out to make alliances with the less superstitious in order to help stabilise Barrowfell. His journey to Camelot is likely to be no exception.


Name: Mildreth
Player: Iain D
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Deep in the Shadow Wood dwells a wicked witch, so evil that it is said her heart has rotted in her chest and so powerful that the trees themselves bow to her whim. Even the bravest souls fear to so much as speak her name and few dare enter her woods. Those that do rarely return.

Mildreth is her daughter. When the Witch of Shadow Wood has need of something from beyond the borders of her forested domain, it is most often Mildreth who takes the errand. The folk of Barrowfell know to avoid her if they can and to treat her with wary deference if not, for she is her mother's eyes and ears and a witch in her own right.

Rumour has it that the Lord Crow has been courting an alliance with the Witch. With the opening of Camelot's gates, Mildreth has been sent as envoy of the Witch to accompany Lord Crow.


Sire Drystan of Ceart Beith, Knight of the White Tulip

Name: Sire Drystan of Ceart Beith, Knight of the White Tulip
Player: James G
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Sire Drystan was raised by the druids near Ceart Beith and learned to fight under the tutelage of one the more belligerent magicians of the forest. He now spends his time defending travellers coming and going across Cedunon. He took the White Tulip as his flower, representing Forgiveness, Remembrance, Worthiness and Sincerity, as a contrast to his normal carefree and easy going nature. He lays these flowers at the places where travellers were not fortunate enough to have had the protection of a Knight of Cedunon and tends the roadside shrines that remember the sacrifices of knights of ages past.

Queen Endellion of Darach Mor, Knight of Holly

Name: Queen Endellion of Darach Mor, Knight of Holly
Player: Naomi L
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Devout and idealistic, the future queen Endellion began as the keeper of a humble shrine, providing aid and sanctuary to questing knights and weary travellers alike. She was moved to leave her vigil by the coming of a gravely wounded knight, who asked her to take news of their quest back to Darach Mor. Once her task was completed she remained in the stronghold, and was eventually taken on as squire by the same knight she had tended. The promise of knighthood, however, was not enough for Endellion. Determined to prove her worth further, she travelled deep into the heart of the forest, to the grove of Grandfather Oak himself, there to hold herself in vigil and contemplation for a year and a day, searching for insight and a way to further better her kingdom. At the end of her vigil she was granted a blessing from the great oak; an acorn which she could present as proof of her right to rule. Upon her ascension she took the title of Knight of Holly - the evergreen twin to the oak tree.

Sire Graer Pharrell of Darach Mor, Knight of Nasturtium

Name: Sire Graer Pharrell of Darach Mor, Knight of Nasturtium
Player: Will T
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Not for nothing did Sire Pharrell take the flower of victory as his title. He came out of the womb locked in combat with his twin brother and spent his whole youth striving to be the better of the two. Eager in training, study and chores, Graer grew up as a headstrong and driven man. Ever striving to be the better of the pair, Graer and his twin Ennis both travelled to Darach Mor to swear their vows to the Monarch as Knights, as their father had. Both served admirably and courageously. But, when a fearsome scaled beast came storming out of the woods to threaten the keep, only Graer survived. Stricken by grief and regret, he nearly forsook his vows and responsibilities, bereft of the reason he had strived so hard. Alone, he went into the deep forests. For thirty days and knights he was lost to the trees. On the thirty-first day, dressed in the hide of a bear, he returned, filled with a renewed strength. No-one knows what happened in the wilds to soothe his grief, but the Knight of Nasturtium remains a valiant and stalwart defender of the realm.

Sire Kynthelig of Darach Mor, Knight-Captain of Mistletoe

Name: Sire Kynthelig of Darach Mor, Knight-Captain of Mistletoe
Player: Chris P
IC Pronouns: He/Him

A man devoted to duty: to his realm, to his Queen, to the Grandfather Oak and to the dream of peace eternal. Kynthelig is the current Knight-Captain of the Oaken Knights, the select few chosen by Micheil Dunaid to venture forth to Camelot.

Coming from nothing, at a young age his village was lost to the beasts of the forest. From then his life become focused towards service and his training as a Knight of Cedunon. Studying and practicing tirelessly he quickly rose to prominence for his skills and deeds. Upon becoming a Knight he took Mistletoe as his crest as the twin symbol of love and death: love for those he fights to protect and death for all those who would oppose this vision.

Chosen to venture to Camelot he takes with him his “Mistletoe Dream” to bring love to the Hundred Realms and reunite those who would stand together as one and to bring death and destruction to those that stand in the way of his vision of peace.

Sire Lana Tanille of Bowthor Mor, Knight of Gladiolus

Name: Sire Lana Tanille of Bowthor Mor, Knight of Gladiolus
Player: Rosie W
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Best described as a survivor, Lana made it through her first home being burnt to the ground and the second being overrun by a raiding band of beasts. Her hamlet was not so fortunate. Life went on. She hired bards, rose memorials and prayed for their memory. It did nothing. The Grand Father Oak’s teaching moved her. She strove to be named a Knight. As soon as she was accepted into the order she claimed the Gladiolus, the flower of remembrance.

Sire Tannile plants a bulb at the site of every great battle they pass so, when peace befalls the hundred realms, there is beauty as well as due honour for the fallen. Her service is focused on freeing Cedunon from the sorrows of their loss and giving them hope that their protectors work ceaselessly for their safety.

Brother Myrdinn Of Darach Mor, Druid of Aster

Name: Brother Myrdinn Of Darach Mor, Druid of Aster
Player: Simon V
IC Pronouns: He/Him

The Druid retainer to the Knight Captain who holds the Grandfather Oak and The God of Albion as worthy of Worship.

Sire Torin Garrick, Reeve of Bowthor Mor, Knight of Heather

Name: Sire Torin Garrick, Reeve of Bowthor Mor, Knight of Heather
Player: Peter Wa
IC Pronouns: He/Him

The son of the previous Reeve, Ser Kenelm Garrick; Torin was educated in style at Primrose Keep in Darach Mor, focusing on law and martial skill.

Tragedy struck, Torin's mother died when Torin was young. Driven out of his senses by grief, he left the Keep.

The future Queen, Endellion, raised a group of squires to track him.

When the band came upon him, he resisted their attempts to draw him back. It was Queen Endellion who turned him from flight to a purpose: a quest to find the mouth of the Hynt, the sacred river feeding Grandfather Oak.

After many trials they reached their goal and Torin carried back a bucketworth of water in his helm. This water nourished Endellion's acorn and is credited by some with the growth that cemented her claim to the throne.

Ser Kenelm passed in a fire at his manor. Torin planted a cutting of Queen Endellion's oak at the site. After staying with the royal court for awhile, he took a 5 year patrol of the boundaries of Cedunon. On returning he presented tribute to the Queen and knighted Sire Torin Garrick, Knight of the Heather; for his solitary nature and devoted service.


Ranger-General Faolan Valcrest

Name: Ranger-General Faolan Valcrest
Player: Matthew C
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Orphaned at a young age, Faolan was taken in by the household of Cynwrig Valcrest, a Ranger-Captain in the militia the Cerrid region maintained as local enforcement under Camelot rule. He was raised and educated in the ways of the Cerrid, tending the fields, learning the realms craft and training to defend the lands.

When he came of age, Faolan followed Cynwrig into the militia, taking up his position as Ranger-Captain when Cynwrig was prompted to the position of Ranger-General.

When Camelot fell, Faolan helped lead the Cerrid as they fought against the waves of invading Saxons, carving out the realms independence, but losing his father figure just as overall victory was achieved.

Taking up his father’s mantle, he has helped protect Cerrid as it learns its independence once more. With Camelot opening its gates once again, Valcrest has been sent by the Morrigan to represent Cerrid’s interests and potentially settle some old scores.

Merrid Dain

Name: Merrid Dain
Player: Stephen B-S
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Even more than most Cerridians, Merrid has always been fascinated by the night sky. The dance of stars and constellations across the heavens weaves an intricate pattern that he has learned to trace as surely as his fellow rangers trace a deer or fox. Trained at Cerrid’s Grand Observatory, a tall tower of stone and glass that serves as the kingdom’s repository of knowledge both magical and astronomical as well as a landmark upon which to align stone circles and other astronomic markers, he accompanies their delegation to Camelot both as a magical expert and adviser, and as one who will bring back to his realm the new knowledge and new mysteries to be found within its walls.

Tora Cairn

Name: Captain Tora Cairn
Player: Alice T
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Tora Cairn is the youngest daughter of one of the more prominent noble families in her realm of Cerrid. Her early life was fairly content and happy enough, even with her constant squabbling with her siblings (most of it was in jest), she grew up a bit wilder than a noblewoman was expected to be with her more adventurous interests and quick temper.

Her numerous siblings took up roles that greatly benefitted their family such as studying magecraft, becoming a scholar, marrying advantageously or in the case of the eldest preparing to take over the household. Tora found herself slightly overshadowed from a young age because of this and struggled with finding a place for herself. She had no real interest in scholarly arts or magic, there was no one who took her fancy long enough to wed either.

Inspired after listening to her Grandmother’s tales of her own youth where she joined the small militia of the where she eventually became a Captain, Tora took it upon herself to follow the same path. This upset her parents some as they wanted to keep their youngest close to home, though they ultimately respected her choices when they saw how happy it made her.

However her path to this role only gave her a fiercer need to prove herself as she became aware early on that some considered her steady rise through the ranks was down to her family rather than her own skill. This has made her even more hot-headed and quick to start fights.

As Captain she serves directly under General Faolan Valcrest, a man who recognises her talents and does his best to temper her attitude when he can. Valcrest is one of the only people she will truly listen to and even he is subject to her occasion sharp remarks.


Alberic Longinus

Name: Alberic Longinus
Player: Edward M
IC Pronouns: He/Him

A Lordling of a Cotswellian noble house, Alberic is a notorious wanderer and seeker after ancient lore.

Elvira Trevelyan

Name: Elvira Trevelyan
Player: Matty R
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Elvira is a young noble from an established military family in the realm.

Willow Lynn

Name: Willow Lynn
Player: Deborah O
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Willow was raised as a ward of Lord and Lady Wellesley. Lord Wellesley brought her home as a baby and refused to tell anyone where she came from other than Lady Wellesley, and even that reluctantly. There were many rumours about where she came from, none substantiated, made worse by the unusual rules around her upbringing.

Willow was not allowed to hold weapons, or wear armour. While her foster siblings trained in fighting, Willow read in the library and walked in the gardens, gradually discovering and developing her magical potential and her skill with healing. It was sometimes a lonely life, and the other children picked on her from time to time, but she learned to find her own kind of strength.

When Camelot fell there was some upheaval, and Wellesley castle came under attack, Lord and Lady Wellesley died, taking the secret of Willow's parentage with them. Perhaps this invitation will be the catalyst that shows her the meaning behind all those strange rules, or lets her discover more about her history and herself. There truly is only one way to find out.



Name: Cecilia
Player: Lizzie V
IC Pronouns: They/Them or She/Her

A quiet, calm tree person. Guardian of forests, appeared about the time of the throne being claimed by the Monarch and Ealasaid. Embodies the phrase “speak softly and carry a big stick”, and spends their time relaying information to her fellow treepeople, in the woods she emerged from, and remains to defend both the Realm and the Peace between the kingdom and the forests. They took the name Cecilia to make it easier to work with the Kingdom - their true name is a secret known by few.


Name: Elspeth
Player: Caroline F
IC Pronouns: She/Her



Iola the Blessed

Name: Iola the Blessed
Player: Cecily P
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Iola the Blessed is a mage and traveller who gets out of court duties by claiming she is questing for the Grail.



Name: Fliberis
Player: Adam G
IC Pronouns: He/Him

After travelling for several years, learning the arts of healing and magic, Fliberis “settled” in a viking village. While initially he had planned to move on after trading magical or medical services for much needed supplies, he found work as a healer and teacher to be very rewarding. Now the village has grown into the realm of Halrgardr; he has taught many of its inhabitants since they were children including its queen Freyrna who still seeks his council to this day, and sometimes even follows it…

Freyrna Mijadottir

Name: Freyrna Mijadottir
Player: Ella S
IC Pronouns: She/Her

The Queen of Halrgardr has become an inspriational sight for many would-be heroes and every fighter in the realm. In battle she can be found leading the charge, at home she is often out among the people, checking that everyone has what they need and offering assistance if not. She treats them all like an extended family. Her generous nature is known outside her realm, and she will send help to anyone she believes will use the aid for good, often going herself if the matter is a troublesome beast.

Many of the people of Silfrfold have known her since long before she became a queen and will happily tell stories of her as a child in a village, usually involving brandishing a wooden sword at some invisible beast whilst escaping the clutches of her terrible captor Fliberis - her exasperated teacher.

The Isles


Name: Gwrtheryn
Player: Gareth C
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Gwrtheryn was born on Caer Wylio, the smallest island of The Isles, and was raised in a martial lifestyle. Once he was old enough, he became a fighter and frequently joined raiding parties to the mainland. Over the years, he has earned himself a reputation as a ruthless killer who has left a trail of corpses and destruction in his wake. This brought him to the attention of the king of The Isles, who assigned him the position of personal guard to his youngest daughter, Rhiannon.

Lady Rhiannon Pellinore

Name: Lady Rhiannon Pellinore
Player: Gina H
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Lady Rhiannon is the lastborn child to the King and Queen of the Isles. She is cold and calculating, entitled and elitist, preferring to allow her court to do her dirty work.


Griselda Kyngeston

Name: Griselda Kyngeston
Player: Amy A
IC Pronouns: She/Her

The Mage-Queen of Legion matches her maternal ancestors in magical prowess, and has long been fêted for her dedication to the economy and her people's welfare. From fertility rituals to make fields overflow with wheat ears, to enchanted waterwells that forever draw pure, she works tirelessly for the nation. It is said that she is universally adored, and every Legionnaire carries a portrait of her somewhere on their person in reverence.

Robert Kyngeston

Name: Robert Kyngeston
Player: Zac S
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Robert Kyngeston is the austere commander-in-chief of the Legion forces. As the husband of the reigning monarch he enjoys a secure position and wide remit. Despite his apparent despotic appointment he is very popular amongst his people. Approval ratings gathered in the yearly census have scored regular 100% satisfaction several years in a row. In his brash and excitable youth Robert was often seen spearheading the mighty Legion armies’ grand offensives. These days it is said he prefers subtlety; rumours suggest he has been training half the realm in specialised covert tactics. Robert often does his duty in receiving visiting dignitaries in the Eternal bastion. He does so gracefully and with delicate tact for the most part, it is unfortunate that he is somewhat forgetful, always having to rudely leave the room to fetch some misplaced item. Robert and Griselda do not have any publicly recognised children, though a significant amount of Legionnaires bear a very strong resemblance to Robert himself.


Claridwen Agris

Name: Claridwen Agris
Player: Kneace K
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Born to a humble farming family, Claridwen worked in the fields and in the dairy much of her life. Upon discovering that she possessed some magical talent, her family mustered the necessary funds to send her to college in Vanderin where she began her studies. As a mature student with little background in academic learning, Claridwen often appears flustered or out of her depth, but her determination to learn and make her family proud keeps her focused. Her book collection is modest and well-loved.

Finnegan Lunar

Name: Finnegan Lunar
Player: Anthony H
IC Pronouns: He/Him

The Lunar family is amongst the oldest and most distinguished noble family in the Realm. Members of the family, whether by merit or by nepotism, rise quickly in the great colleges that form the bedrock of Maygan society.

Relatively little is known about Finnegan Lunar. His rise to General of the Maygan Armies was meteoric, and unprecedented, given his age and lack of battlefield experience.

All obtainable reports from the college he attended in Greater Vaelor are immensely positive, praising in particular his strategic thinking and resourcefulness in-various combat simulations. However, given his family name, it is unlikely that any negative reports would have been committed to paper.



Name: Taliesin
Player: Adrian A
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Taliesin originally comes from the now fallen realm of Nelaria, and has wandered for the last year looking for a new home. He has come to Camelot to seek this new home and prove himself.


Angharad the Unknown

Name: Angharad the Unknown
Player: Eleanor S
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Angharad the Unknown is new to the court of Melltith, eager to make a name for herself and to learn how to use her magic to assist the less fortunate.

Bronwen the Valiant

Name: Bronwen the Valiant
Player: Chaos
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Bronwen the Valiant, who among the courts of Melltith has not heard that name spoken with some excitement in recent months? A previously unheard of knight, whose true talents were revealed when she earned her title by bravely standing in defence of Lord Ewan the Just as he was set upon by a large gang of violent ruffians as he walked the countryside. Who refused to yield as she took blow after blow, reduced to a bloody mess by the time she felled the last of the brutes, but still had the composure to maintain a proper knightly bearing. Whose services as a knight and bodyguard are now in high demand among the nobility, and is even said to move in close circles to the monarch! Alas she is no mage, but nobody is perfect. Only time can tell what this new face walking among Melltith's most privileged will bring!

Bryn the Unchallenged

Name: Bryn the Unchallenged
Player: Dave H
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Has never faced anything in combat that qualifies as a personal challenge.

Cai the Clear Sighted

Name: Cai the Clear Sighted
Player: Dan A
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Cai is generally friendly and eager to meet new people. He appears to have the ear of Myffanwy the Wise and happily offers to intercede on people's behalf. There are however, rumours that his main task is to prepare appropriate and targetted themes ahead of the casting of a curse by the court.

Ffion the Dragon

Name: Ffion the Dragon
Player: Anna S
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Well known within Melltith for the tales of their challenges against a mighty dragon, they are a cunning strategist, a scholar and a bard.

Meredydd the Inapt

Name: Meredydd the Inapt
Player: Ellie H
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Known for winning the local tournament with her skills with a naginata. Even though her talents clearly lie with the blade, she seems to spend most of her time chasing after mages despite having shown no capability for magic.

Myffanwy the Wise

Name: Myffanwy the Wise
Player: Mat A
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Myffanwy the Wise is Queen of Melltith, a mountainous harsh realm. It's slightly unclear how she earned her epithet but it was presumably for giving sage advice.

Seren the Prophesied

Name: Seren the Prophesied
Player: Gareth J-J
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Seren is reputed to be able to see that which others cannot.


Hael Merriwether

Name: Hael Merriwether
Player: Katherine R
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Captain of the Bleeding Barnacle and Descendent of Merriwether the Desperate, rumour in Penmortid says Hael is reluctantly accompanying young Queen Kenwyn to Camelot in her capacity as Physick. Crueller tongues use the word “babysitter” instead, although not where either party can hear them. Other stories say that she seeks diversion while the Barnacle undergoes extensive repairs following her most recent expedition. Hael has a reputation for a keen interest in the arcane and, it is said, does not suffer fools gladly.

Kaswallon Setana

Name: Kaswallon Setana
Player: Idan H
IC Pronouns: They/Them

Kenwyn Arverus' cousin, Kaswallon is similarly young, inexperienced and poorly trained, but is resolute to rise up and match the expectations of their new position. Kaswallon is fond of adventure, and claims descent from the Damned hero and explorer Setana.

Kenwyn Arverus

Name: Kenwyn Arverus
Player: Emma B
IC Pronouns: She/Her

As the youngest, most inexperienced and poorly-trained Pirate Queen of the Glorious Damned in living memory, Kenwyn is positive that it should not be difficult to live up to the example of her illustrious ancestor Arverus. Indeed, Kenwyn's propensity to declare war or lifelong vengeance on anything that mildly offends her does at least point to superficial similarities between heir and Conqueror.

A self-professed rogue and scoundrel, Pirate Queen Kenwyn leads a motley crew of other, more subservient rogues and scoundrels. The Glorious Damned sail and steal under the flag of the dying albatross - composing poetry under the open skies, scorning all rules besides her own, and cursing the name of Luck.

Vortimer Delbaeth

Name: Vortimer Delbaeth
Player: Seb A
IC Pronouns: They/Them He/Him

Vortimer is an aging Cynic philosopher. He has a somewhat eccentric approach to the disquisition of human folly.

The Wretched

Name: The Wretched
Player: Sally O
IC Pronouns: She/Her

The Wretched serves as advisor to the Court of the Pirate Queen. In the tradition of her adoptive Ancestor, Merrin the Turncoat, she secured her present status by providing the Glorious Damned with the means of conquering her homeland.

In spite of all that she has done to secure the Pirate Queen's favour, the Wretched spends very little time at court, preferring to walk the wilds alone.


These characters have no Realm.

Eirik the Lost, Herald of the Realm, Last of the Ainghyllites

Name: Eirik the Lost, Herald of the Realm, Last of the Ainghyllites
Player: Tim K
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Ainghyll was a small, pleasant farming village, nestled in the Dales of Jorvik. Was is the appropriate word, it was too close to Algaroth, which for years had been a blessing, but during the civil war Ainghyll was used a battlefield, and afterwards the realm of Algaroth claimed what was left of it. Which was not much, the people of Ainghyll fought against this new, dark regime, and were brutally crushed by the Dread Archon, the village was razed, and it's people killed or scattered to the wind, it's Monarchs executed publically. One survivor was allowed to keep the name of his former village, Eirik Hafdirsson.

With the fall of the Grand Warlock, he has remained in Algaroth to aid Leona Ash and Armelia rebuild the shattered country, which they had thought lost up until the last truth from the mirror. He will not leave another country to fall to ruin.

He practices his magic and challenges the Wolf Packs in the region in heroic combat, aiding the weak, arming the strong.

The Ridings

Jeremiah Gubbins

Name: Jeremiah Gubbins
Player: Rory M
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Jeremiah is a wizard who just wants to be left alone. He has come all the way to Camelot to tell this Arthur King fellow to stop sending any more messengers to bother him. He is absolutely not a king of anywhere, thank you very much.


Air Adhart

Name: Air Adhart
Player: Mike C
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Air Adhard, a guide, always willing to take others to where they need to go.

He can often be found wandering well beyond the borders of Rhyfel - offering aid to others on their journeys, and encouraging heroes along their paths.

Queen Arianwen

Name: Queen Arianwen
Player: Reesha D-E
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Queen Arianwen, like many Rhyfellian monarchs before her, takes a direct and active interest in the well-being of her citizens. Renowned for her gentleness, her fairness, and her love of song, she is equally a friend to her human subjects as she is to the many animals that dwell within her nation. Since her occupancy on the throne, many are the stories of a kind and mysterious stranger in light blue quietly intervening in people's lives to bring lovers together, to find lost children, and to rescue woodland creatures from inconvenience. When asked about her possible involvement in such tales, the Queen will merely smile, and comment that there are ever so many good-hearted people in her Realm.

Cadfan app Caradoc

Name: Cadfan app Caradoc
Player: Mike D-E
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Cadfan app Caradoc is the wizard who dwells atop the Whispering Mountain.

Cadfan serves as a teacher of magic, as did his forebears, many of whom instructed the past Monarchs of Rhyfel. He also takes an interest in heroes and warriors fighting on the side of right, giving blessings to those he deems most worthy, or most in need.

Cadfan is notably religious, with a lifelong faith in the God of Albion. He was also a staunch supporter of Arthur, and makes no secret of his hatred of curse magic, which he considers evil.

Cadfan has become a friend and counselor to the Queen of Rhyfel, who has appointed him general of her armies, despite, or perhaps because, he is not himself a man of war.

Saxon Lands

Eldrad, the Thunderhead

Name: Eldrad, the Thunderhead
Player: George B
IC Pronouns: They/Them

Once an apprentice to the terrifying Saxon wizard known as the Burnished Eye, Eldrad now operates as a herald and messenger for the Saxons, spreading news and stories across territories. Eldrad is also known to be developing his own magical skills in unison with Hildebrand the Burned, daughter of the Burnished Eye.

Even among the Saxons, Eldrad is known to have unorthodox views on the destruction of Camelot, insisting that the fall was a ‘metaphysical necessity’ required for the world to develop and change, and that some stories must forever remain untold, for they can never be made sensible within Camelot’s paradigm.

Hildebrand, the Burned

Name: Hildebrand, the Burned
Player: Florence W
IC Pronouns: She/Her

On her eighteenth birthday, Hildebrand’s burned body was dragged from the smouldering ruins of her father's tower - alongside his corpse. Given how feared the wizard was in life, it didn't take long before rumours of his demise and, later, his daughter's survival, spread far and wide. It was expected, anticipated even, that Hildebrand would take up his reign of terror.

That didn't happen. Instead, Hildebrand - alongside her father's protege, Eldrad the Thunderhead - has eked out a quiet existence among Saxon storytellers and small-time magic-users. The world has heard little of her.

Still, some among the Saxons whisper and wonder. One day, The Burnished Eye may well rise again.


Acot Sellsword

Name: Acot Sellsword
Player: Richard M
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Acot Sellsword led the IronSides Mercenary company until a dispute with the former king of Sera over payment on a contract let to an unexpected regicide and civil war. After the war the current Monarch has provided Acot a permanent position in her court.


Name: Aetheran
Player: Kyle C
IC Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

When Aetheran came of age he was called to arms, it should have been a test of adulthood, a routine “hunt”. It was a massacre. It was vicious and unrelenting it tore men and women to shreds until only he and his farther remained. They fought back to back. But the creature's stamina was greater than their own and in time… they both fell.

Aetheran woke in a clearing, the trees above not the same as those back home. A strange person stood at the head of a circle around him. Adorned with bone and pelt, their faces covered with paint and bone. Some tended his wounds others chanted, their repeating words burnt like hot coals. “By the blood of the beast, you will be chosen”

He woke to whispers, they danced around his head like a thunderous rapture. Hands-on his head, nails digging in, slowly gaining control. He stood, not knowing where he was. His family dead, he stumbled into the closest village, they helped him gain control of his new outlook on life. Serving with some of their mercenaries and their general, he found a home….

Brielse Aimar

Name: Brielse Aimar
Player: Louise B
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Brielse hadn’t always been the General but there were some days when she wondered if anyone actually remembered that her first name wasn’t “General”. Renown for her strategy, snappy dress sense and her long term close personal relationship with Queen Niniveh Glamorgan. It’s widely known that Brielse and Niniveh grew up together, one the daughter of the King and the other the daughter of Duke Aimar – the King’s closest advisor and General of his forces, in a court where women were mere pawns to gain money and power. Both dreamed of something better for themselves, for the power to choose their own destiny.

General Brielse is a fair and even-handed authority figure in Sera, who came to power after a group of jealous nobles attacked the court, killing the king and several of his closest advisors, Brielse’s father among them. With the help of a group of mercenaries who were in Court at the time, Brielse was able to escape with the princess, now Queen whilst the mercenaries put down the rebellion and saved the realm.


Name: Dwyn
Player: Simara P
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Dwyn is a bard. He collects stories and tales and writes them up as poems. Inquisitive and some might even say nosy, he particular favours tales of romance and friendship unless he's having a bad day when all he wants are tragic losses and noble sacrifices. He's also fiercely loyal to his Queen, her family, advisors and companions. If asked he'll claim his job is to make them all look good – not that they need the help.

Matilda Glamorgan

Name: Matilda Glamorgan
Player: Ellie G
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Matilda Glamorgan, sister of Niniveh Glamorgan. Devoted sister and loyal handmaiden to the Serian queen.

Queen Niniveh Glamorgan

Name: Queen Niniveh Glamorgan
Player: Ninfa H
IC Pronouns: She/Her

The Glamorgans were, originally, a family of wealthy merchants and land owners. The first king of Sera, Dannyl Glamorgan, was a shrew businessman and a political force to be reckoned with. He established the realm, unifying the region under his banner, with clever use of words, gold and his personal guard.

He was a good ruler, and so was his son, who succeeded him.

His grandson, however, was an avaricious and selfish man, with no talent for ruling. He cared not for the well-being of his people, nor for anything that did not enrich the royal coffers.

It was, for many, a relief when he died, officially due to a coup d'etat where nobles of his court tried to overthrow him. A band of mercenaries in his service tried to intervene, but the king and many of the court died. They did, however, manage to save the two Princesses. The eldest Glamorgan daughter, Niniveh, is now Queen. She is smart, ambitious and ruthless in the pursue of her realm's safety and prosperity. Extremely devout to her Gods, she is the first Serian Monarch to ascend to the throne with the title of Queen and High Priestess.

Raine Silvervale

Name: Raine Silvervale
Player: Kay S
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Daughter of a farmer, Raine grew up in a simple country lifestyle. She never knew her mother, who her had died before she was born. Raine was a restless child, rarely content with the slow pace of farm life and often getting into, scrapes in her quest for adventure. She liked to go down into the local village in the evenings, persuading passing travellers to tell her stories. She bought a sword and spent hours practicing the moves she'd seen in the few tourneys she'd managed to sneak away to and, over time, gained some measure of proficiency. Eventually she joined a mercenary band hoping to fulfil her dreams of glory and to prove herself more than just a farmer’s daughter. She travelled with the group for several months, moving from job to job before they were recruited to the service of the King of Sera. During an uprising of his court they defended the royal family but, hugely outnumbered, only managed to save the two princesses. Raine remains, along with the rest of her group, in the service of Niniveh who is now the Queen.

The Spires

Archon Iolaus

Name: Archon Iolaus
Player: Ivan S
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Highest Priest of the Aspirant, who rules thanks to a dedication to perfecting each and every member of The Spires. Known to treasure a promise sworn on blood beyond all reason, as he believes that to strive to keep his word is the striving that will lead to his perfection.

Primus Iliya

Name: Primus Iliya
Player: Pia S
IC Pronouns: She/Her

The Second-in-Command of the Spires, who rose through the ranks as a Paladin of the Church, her striving is in the field of battle. She is known to push her body to extremes, denying fatigue and the elements to triumph in all seasons; she has a reputation for erecting temples and shrines to the Aspirant at the site of battles.


The Advocate

Name: The Advocate
Player: Tara F
IC Pronouns: She/Her

The Advocate sits at the right hand, listening to counsel from beyond The Veil, garnering favour from both this world and The Other.

Her uncanny abilities to communicate with those Who Know leave her much sought after, both at diplomatic assemblies and at the table of the war councils.

Despite her diligence to her hectic schedule, it's still said she roams the Keep's halls past sundown, deep in thought and prayer.

Though it is whispered at times her methods are perhaps unorthodox, no one can fault the results, nor question her process.

Who would dare to defy the demands of those beings older than time itself?

As the viziers of Stratiotora depart for Camelot, the powerful men within the court feel the sharp sting of uncertainty and emptiness. Reticent as always it goes unspoken and a collective breath is held amidst all ranks and titles while they await the return of their Lady Luck.

The Seer

Name: The Seer
Player: Connor W
IC Pronouns: He/Him

The Seer of Stratiotora is one of the three archmages of the realm, guided by his clairvoyant visions. His steady hand and wise eye may yet turn an unprepared quest into a ready expedition.

The Witness

Name: The Witness
Player: Richard D
IC Pronouns: He/Him

The Witness of Stratiotora is the eyes of the Soon to be God as much as his voice. He walks with the common folk, the soldiers, the commanders and the nobles alike. It’s said that he can reach into the Veil itself and change the weave of fate, closing wounds and changing when a person departs this life.

Beyond the physical he hears the woes of the people and gives them sage council. With his oracular abilities there have been many occasions where he has known what troubles a person is struggling with before they come to him, or he has actively sought them out to provide succor. Either way, he always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

The Witness now travels to Camelot, will they need his healing hands or healing words more?

Played Characters


Armelia Callis, Captain of the Grand Warlock's Guard

Name: Armelia Callis, Captain of the Grand Warlock's Guard
Player: Gail P
IC Pronouns: She/Her

The stoic enforcer of the Grand Warlock. Known for her loyalty and cruelty, and for her devotion to the cause of the Dread Axioms.


Name: Gorwen
Player: Tom M
IC Pronouns: He/Him

An apprentice of low stock, Gorwen was raised to the lowest echelons of magical study by his far, far superiors. All the boy wants is to become more knowledgeable, and by extension more powerful. Only then will he truly prove himself.

Queen Leona Ash

Name: Queen Leona Ash
Player: Theresa A
IC Pronouns: She/Her

“How nice of you to rejoin us. Did you know that with this preservative art, I can keep you alive indefinitely? What once was used for salvation is now turned toward other ends. I shall ask you again: Where are the rebels?”

Every garden needs to be periodically weeded. The First Apostle stands ready to prune back any unruly, stray growth within the kingdom and ensure that only those who demonstrate appropriate adherence to the Dread Axioms are permitted to rise to greatness.

Previously rumoured to have served as an unremarkable priestess of the God of Albion within the kingdom of Fairwynn, Leona's fortuitously-timed conversion to the Dread Axioms and alignment with the cause of Grand Warlock Skarn saw her placed into an unprecedented position of power as First Apostle of the newly reforged Dark Templar order.


Lady Mairead Damaran

Name: Lady Mairead Damaran
Player: Rosie D
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Lady Mairead Damaran, is lady-in-waiting to the realm’s leader Ceindeg the Bright. She is the only daughter of Lord Erevan Damaran who was a second cousin to the realm’s previous Monarch Lloyd the Lustrous (now called Lloyd the Dull). Her family switched allegiance just before the uprising and their support helped Ceindeg’s bid for the throne. House Damaran have managed to stay in favour at court despite being related to Lloyd the Dull, but there are whispers in court that they are not as loyal to the new monarch as they claim to be. Lady Mairead shows great loyalty to Ceindeg and is very grateful to have been appointed as her lady-in-waiting; it is the perfect opportunity for her to prove to everyone that her family is loyal to the realm.

Talaith Silversmyth

Name: Talaith Silversmyth
Player: Sophie L
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Talaith Silversmyth was previously in the service of the corrupt King Lloyd the Dull, yet, despite the regime change, somehow managed to retain her status and position at court. Talaith also has influence in court, and aided her childhood friend the Lady Mairead Damaran in seeing her appointed as lady in waiting to Ceindeg the Bright. Talaith seeks only for the prosperity of Arkenholm and to restore it to its former glory. She is a loyal follower of Ceindeg who she believes can achieve this goal.


Brother Cairrfhion of Ceart Beith, Druid of Lily

Name: Brother Cairrfhion of Ceart Beith, Druid of Lily
Player: Duncan M
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Cairrfhion, coming from an unassuming town near the roads to Grandfather Oak, joined the clergy of Druids from a young age to tend to the flowers of the tree and the hearts of the Cedunon nation. After his ten years of essential education among wisened teachers beneath the branches of Grandfather Oak, learning the many theological and practical artforms of the Cedunon Druid, he left the tending of Darach Mor and held a mantle instead of a Ley-Druid of Lilies; he wandered from town to town, healing the infirm and educating the farmhands, becoming more known in taverns and inns he stayed in than the court of Cedunon.

When a call to protect the roads or hunt is summoned, Cairrfhion historically drops all things and joins the Knights of the realm in earnest as a firm believer in a cycle of life and death, that must be nourished and protected if the farms are to thrive. He has since begun returning to Ceart Beith regularly, working on the village of ‘An Truthail’ there for which he has been named warden of, yet not even the village has stopped him wandering the realm and sometimes beyond.


Sir Duncan McClure

Name: Sir Duncan McClure
Player: Peter We
IC Pronouns: He/Him

When Camelot fell, Sir Duncan made a sacred vow not to rest until Fiobha had been restored to it's glory of old. Something powerful must have witnessed this vow because his death two years later did not release him from his words.


Name: Ealasaid
Player: Aislin L
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Witch, warrior, power behind the throne - Ealasaid walked out of the woods not long after the fall of Camelot and, gathering support as she went, embarked on a quick and ruthless conquest of what she considered to be her people's ancestral lands. Almost nothing is known of her before she appeared to set the true ruler of Fiobha on the throne - and the crown upon their head with her own hands - but the battles she lead are not soon to be forgotten.

She now hold the triple rank of General, advisor to the Crown, and de-facto head of the realm's witches. Slow to anger, but quick to retaliation, she is a force to be reckoned with - and you can never be sure how much of what the Monarch of Fiobha says is actually her words.

She fiercely promotes both patriotism for her emergent realm, and the new Fiobha faith; the Stag is her animal, and she wears a crown of antlers to show her devotion.


Name: Elspeth
Player: Caroline F
IC Pronouns: She/Her



Name: George
Player: Chris H
IC Pronouns: He/Him

George splits his time between quiets libraries and travelling the world studying interesting occurrences. He followed rumours of an undead paladin to Fiobha and has been following him ever since.

Morag Rhonasdoughter

Name: Morag Rhonasdoughter
Player: Beca N
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Ever wanted to find your way through a impassable crag, or see whats behind the next mountain? Morag can help. She's very, very keen to help others. Though as she offers you help, observers cant help but note the slight scent of fur upon her clothes, or the occasional slit like form of her eyes.

Muireall MacRòn

Name: Muireall MacRòn
Player: Tamsin C
IC Pronouns: She/Her

First selkie monarch of Fiobha, Muireall is scion of the selkie tribes that make their home in the coastal waters around the kingdom. Crowned in accordance with prophecy, she leads Fiobha fairly and wisely.



Name: Snip-Snap-Snorem
Player: Chris B-S
IC Pronouns: They/Them


Tell me a story of somebody’s origins,
Somebody close to both you and me:
Start with a tragedy, then through a rhapsody,
Onto a story of victory! Day number four and the boys were all gone leaving
sickly child to find what they’d sought
Soon found the river and filled up the firkin, then
Struck up a fire and set on a pot

Once was the lord of the Earldom of Coventree,
Hailed by all as both learned and nice,
Loved by his people and also his family,
Yet he was prey to the gambling vice: Ah, but the smell of the fire called a predator
Thinking to visit more mischief and strife,
“Halt!” cried the child, “for I don’t wish to quarrel!” and
Threatened the beast with the tip of their knife.

stormy night he was out at a dicing-hall,
Playing with strangers at aces-are-wild,
Flush with a run of good luck he grew confident,
Goaded to gamble his sweet youngest child!
“Say!” said the wolf, “Where’s your manners and morals,
“To threaten a traveller coming alone?
“I can smell tears on the air, for your rabbit I’ll
“See if I know of a cure for your woe.”

Off went the child with its dolly and clothing,
Bewildered and frightened and soon very lost,
It wept all the way over hill moor and dale,
Until it arrived in the Great Howling For’st,
Well now the youth was ashamed of their actions and
Served up the meat in an old wooden dish.
“Tasty!” she cried, as she snapped it up whole, adding
“Here, little cub, let me grant your wish.”

There it was shown to its new elder brothers, called
Courage and Wisdom and youngest child, Nice
was a coward, the other a dullard and
was the image of cruelty and vice.
So the good youth hearkened well to her words and they
Left the back door on the latch as they slept
Then in the morn, when they checked on their father the
Wolf was the only one curled in his bed.

Many years later, the youth had a fever too
Serious to send them to fetch water in
Off went the elder boys one at a time for to
Gather some vittles and drink for their kin
Well! thought the youth, Not a second to lose!
And they packed up a bindle to leave there fortwith
Taking their step-father’s axe and their doll
As they set out to join with the heroes of myth

Wisdom was foolish and Courage was cowardly,
Nice was too wicked to give up a bone,
And so a she-wolf of mischievous temperament
Saw to it none of the boys would come home
But who is your smiling and handsome narrator, this
Adept of charms, manners and decorum?
Why, it's the one that you just heard the story of,
Yes, it's none other than SNIP-SNAP-SNOREM!


John Doe

Name: John Doe
Player: Michael W
IC Pronouns: He/Him

John Doe awoke 3 years ago in the realm of Mayga with his memory wiped, his only memory was the skills he had learned to become a mage.


Aodhan Setana

Name: Aodhan Setana
Player: Omri H
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Younger brother of the Damned General Kaswallon. Aodhan seeks to live up to his ancestor's legendary exploits as explorer and adventurer.

Rhiannon Llŷr

Name: Rhiannon Llŷr
Player: Liesl R
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Rhiannon Llŷr, as the youngest of 3, was very much not expected to rise to the rank of Captain. She was far happier working on experimental spells or acting as her family ship’s physicker, a bit of a contrast to her family’s fearsome reputation. However, after a freak storm led to the death of the rest of her family and with Rhiannon as one of the only survivors of the shipwreck, she has made her way to court to ingratiate herself as the newest Captain of the Llŷr family line.


Osian the Wayfarer

Name: Osian the Wayfarer
Player: Alex S
IC Pronouns: He/Him

A musical vagabond of no use or consequence, Osian encountered a mysterious stranger all in blue who insisted he embark upon a great destiny among the great and good.


The Wayfinder

Name: The Wayfinder
Player: Misha R
IC Pronouns: They/Them

They walk among the spirits, the flora and fauna. They are the medium between the Material Plane and Veil. They see the paths of magic and seek to discover new knowledge and help their Realm and others. They can find the path to realms and the unknown


Caitlin Zweihander

Name: Caitlin Zweihander
Player: Jaycee C
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Caitlin's Company – guardians of the Yawning Mire. That stinking morass which those unfortunate enough to make their living in the paddies of Thousand Drownings must trudge across to make a measly living in the utopic capital of Zhivograd, where buildings touch the fog and the roads are paved with stone.

But there are tales. Strange lights in the darkness, and dangerous creatures hunting down their prey through the poisonous geysers and sticky quicksand. Stopped by the flash of steel and a charming grin, guiding those fortunate enough to meet them through the wilderness: the company of Caitlin. Warriors inexplicably making their way in the grim reality of the mudflats, assisting those who need it. “Each soul is a god, each soul is free” they say with a wry smile and a flash in their eye, gesturing for those behind to follow.

Now that the call of Albion has arrived, they make their way out of the Mire for the first time in many years. Arthur has called; they will answer.


Name: Hov
Player: Laurence P
IC Pronouns: He/Him

An enigmatic hedge wizard who dwells deep in the swamps of Thousand Drownings, Hov lives under one principal law: each soul is a god, each soul is free.

When the old regime fell, the people were left bereft of purpose. Banditry, petty wars between landowners and criminality were rampant. Dictators, royal second cousins and village toughs squabbled over the pieces of a fallen kingdom.

In the eye of this whirlwind, a humble village in the depths of the morass prospered against all odds. An island of peace and stability amongst the chaos. Those who asked the villagers how this was achieved received one reply: “we heed the words of Hov”. Soon, representatives from across the realm journeyed into the misty swamps to seek the advice of this mysterious figure.

Within a year Svobodaskein was stable and prosperous, and the name of Hov was known and respected across the realm. Requests were made for him to take up the seat of power in Zhivograd. All such requests have been refused.

Ask a resident of Svobodaskein who rules over the realm, and you will receive only one reply: “each soul is a god, each soul is free”.

Created Characters


Magnus Tithe

Name: Magnus Tithe
Player: Henry P
IC Pronouns: They/Them

Since a young age Magnus was selected for their aptitude in the sorcerous arts. Meant for great things the Warlock's Conclave had declared and taken them in to the Academia for training.

Since the Unlawful Murder of the Grand Warlock the skeins of magic have become misaligned and so the Conclave have sent Magnus to Camelot to find a way to fix it.


Name: Nineve
Player: Jenni H
IC Pronouns: She/Her




Name: Tarrasch
Player: Sarah C
IC Pronouns: She/Her

The Last Shale Witch. Mistress of the Counter Gambit. She lives amidst the ruins of Shale Cathedral, attended by the ghosts of her former acolytes. it is rumoured that she only bent the knee to the Ivory King in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Those who go to the Cathedral returned wreathed in shadow and forever changed.


Leathann Coire

Name: Leathann Coire
Player: Gordon M
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Once one of the warrior Thanes of Fiobha he gave up his sword to study magic with Ealasaid's circle. His totem is the boar.


Deas Murtair

Name: Deas Murtair
Player: Elizabeth H
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Deas is a troubled soul. She lost all her immediate family when she was 11 and was brought up by alcoholic and abusive uncle. However, the experience meant she spent as much time as she could away from him presence and focused her energy of learning the art of warfare and discovering the land and, through that, herself. At the age of 17 she killed her uncle in an act of self defence and was banished. She has been wandering for many years and the loneliness has left her craving human contact, whilst also being incredibly distrustful. She eventually came across Freyma Mijadottir and was inspired by her leadership and has been welcomed into Halrgardr. Deas is resourceful, strong willed, impatient and is a fighter. She also likes mischief and trying to lead people astray. She has found that she often not taken seriously and displays a hardened approach to some people. However, deep down, she is caring, concerned for people's well being, loyal and protective.


Arriella Thea

Name: Arriella Thea
Player: Hannah G
IC Pronouns: She/Her

Ariella is a highly respected sorcerer within Mayga. She came to the realm in her early teens as an orphan. She was taken in by a well respected sage who took a shine to her given her natural curiosity with the study of magic. Her reputation is well known across the realm for being the brightest and therefore works in one of the top schools. Her book collections is that of awe to others and she holds some of the rarest books known.

Deceased Characters


Dread Archon Artemis Blackheart, The Kingslayer

Name: Dread Archon Artemis Blackheart, The Kingslayer
Player: Oli Y
IC Pronouns: They/Them

Dread Archon Artemis the Kingslayer was instrumental in Grand Warlock Skarn's rise to power in Algaroth. Having trained to be a Templar of the God of Albion from a young age, those at court initially thought that Artemis would be a fine successor to their father, High King Samuel the Just. They were wrong.

The young prince famously stirred dissent against their father five years ago, advocating that, since the country had fallen on such hard times, he should resign, allowing Grand Vizier Skarn to institute a Regency.

It is said that they slew their father in single combat during the coup. The Dread Court of Algaroth's official position is that the High King attacked his sole heir in anger, leaving the prince no choice but to slay their father and side with Skarn in the name of stability.

Taking on the mantle of Dread Archon, Artemis lead the Dread Army of Algaroth in brutally suppressing any resistance to the new order. Artemis is ruthless, efficient and cruel. Their devotion to The Dread Axioms is absolute.

Grand Warlock Skarn

Name: Grand Warlock Skarn
Player: Henry P
IC Pronouns: He/Him

Grand Warlock Skarn, Witch King and Supreme Archon of The Kingdom of Algaroth, came to rule through duplicity and Dark Magic.

His age and origins are unknown and shrouded in darkness, he was recently elevated to the throne after instigating a bloody and ruthless coup overthrowing High King Samuel the Just a mere five years ago, manipulating the biddable Prince Artemis to rally the people to him.

Skarn is known for his cruelty and love of luxury, while a capable fighter and sorcerer he would far rather see others bloody their hands (and robes) at his behest.

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