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Character Creation


Step 1: Who are you?

Every character is unique and different. Choose what sort of character you want to play: whether a dashing rogue, a devious mage, or a sneering noble, all sorts of characters are possible in the world of Tales Untold. Consider what sort of story you want to be part of, and piece together the sort of character you want to play.

Step 2: Where are you from?

Every character in Tales Untold is from a Realm in the Hundred Realms. Either describe a new Realm (see below), or specify a Realm from the existing list (which will consist of both player-created and pre-written realms). Note that if you are the Monarch or General of a Realm it must be a player-created one.

Optional Step: Create a Realm

From Chapter 3 onwards we would like to warn Players that entering play with a new Realm will be difficult due to the mechanical advantage existing Realms always have - if you still wish to do so, you are accepting that you are entering in Hard Mode

Players are encouraged to found new Realms that either they or other characters rule. To do this, we require the following information:

  • Name of Realm (“Realmland”)
  • Name of three territories in the Realm, including which contains the Realm's Stronghold (“Realmsdale, Realmsford, Realmchester (Stronghold)”)
  • Name of Monarch (leave blank to be assigned an NPC Monarch) (“Realmington Realmsby”)
  • Name of General (leave blank to be assigned an NPC General) (“Realmley-Smythe”)
  • How to flatter someone from your Realm (“Compliment their art”)
  • How to insult someone from your Realm (“Remark on their odour”)
  • Max 100 words description of Realm (“It's a realm”)
  • Correct adjective for someone from your realm (“Realmian”)
  • Correct adjective for something from this realm (“Realmish”)
  • Details of a Flag

Submit these during character creation (or using this form if submitting a Realm separately to a character) as soon as possible. These details can be amended later but the earlier we know what Realms we're expecting the better we can make plans.

Remember to check our Acceptable Themes and make sure that your Realm is inline with them to avoid disappointment.

Step 3: What can you do?

Every character has 2 skills that should be chosen from the Skill List. These prescribe abilities to your character and may alter their stats.

Step 4: The details

Give your character some detail, describing them in a public bio (max 200 words) and optional private background (again max 500 words) for review by the GMs. Feel free to invent places and people who are relevant, but we will only check this over for metaphysical and style conformity (no lasers, no secret Excaliburs).

Step 5: Submit!

Using this form, submit all this information and await approval!

Remember, your place is not confirmed until you have booked and paid the deposit!

Booking is presently open at this form

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