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Powerful Entities

Since Camelot opened its doors again, many things have come to light in the world - many beings and entities have become well known amongst the people. This page details commonly known information as of Chapter 6 at Camelot - you may choose how much or how little of this you know in character: this page is presented to provide opportunity to know about these things, rather than being a reading list to join the game!

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The Dragons

The Dragons, numbering seven, are powerful creatures all capable of great magic, of showering their favourites with rewards, and wreaking great destruction on those who displease them. All the Dragons are believed to be capable of shifting form - not only between the giant firebreathing winged lizards of legend and to humanoid forms, but to any that they so wish to take. The motivations of the Dragons are believed by most to be worn on their sleeves in their names and mannerisms, but it is also suspected this appearance of simplicity may mask further mysteries.

Dragonlings, a lesser form of the Dragons that manifest a fraction of their power, are often seen in areas Dragons have nested, or accompanying them as an entourage.


Pronouns: Any

Avarice, the Gold Dragon, was the first Dragon encountered after Camelot re-opened. Avarice is known to adore gold, gems, jewelry, and all forms of physical wealth.


Pronouns: Any

Envy, the Green Dragon, is a sulky and capricious Dragon whose exact motivations are not publicly clear but seem to be manifested primarily on spite. Envy is also known to adopt the guise of the Marquess of Thorns in Auralia, provoking interhouse disputes that often turn violent.


Pronouns: Any

Gluttony, the Blue Dragon, found their way into Camelot primarily as it was the site of many a great feast. They are, like many, motivated by food and delight in feasting to the point of gorging. Attempts made to drink them under the table have met with abject failure, and they are almost always eating something.


Pronouns: Any

Lust, the Magenta Dragon, is a creature of grace that is fascinated by Bonds to an extent that even Ser Bors cannot compete. Little escapes Lust's notice, and they have a particularly keen eye for the threads that tie people together. Lust, like Envy, is also known to adopt the guise of the Marquess of Blossoms in Auralia, provoking interhouse conflict when her followers don't get their way.


Pronouns: Any

Pride, the Silver Dragon, would have everyone believe and profess that they are the greatest and most magnificent of all the Dragons. Fuelled by their ego, Pride nominates themself as the Leader of the Dragons - a title which the others vehemently oppose. At the third opening of Camelot, Pride was seen in the company of a Dragonling (or Prideling, as they called it) that ensured that they could be seen from all angles at all times.


Pronouns: Any

Sloth, the White Dragon, is a creature that has all the time in the world and would like to use that time to nap. Preferring the form of a gigantic cat, Sloth sits on vast amounts of knowledge (both figuratively and literally, it would appear) - a trove for those that can keep its attention for long enough to extract it.

Since the fourth opening of Camelot, Sloth has not been sighted. Rumours abound that the mysterious Captain Adventure is simply another form…


Pronouns: Any

ADVENTURE! – that's Captain ADVENTURE! to you – is a fearsome pirate and adventurer. Taking the form of a bipedal white cat, Adventure is always looking for a thrill and actively seeks the best experiences.


Pronouns: Any, primarily She/Her

Wrath, the Red Dragon, is a being of abject hate and rage. The only Dragon to have been widely sighted before the Fall of Camelot, Wrath was the main line of attack in Morgana's failed assault on Camelot until the Dragon turned on her ally too. Believed to be gone, Wrath was found to have been slumbering beneath the surface of Regretspath in Melltith until being awoken by the castle above taking flight. Enraged, Wrath took flight to burn the world to cinders, bearing down toward Nelaria until the combined efforts of the Hundred Realms during Camelot's third opening locked it in battle until a better solution could be found.

The Big Bad Wolf

Pronouns: It/Its

The Big Bad Wolf is a gigantic wolf that prowls the forests of the Hundred Realms and wields god-like power. Commanding the respect of legions of wolves - some of which are sapient - the Big Bad Wolf has been accruing power with an agenda that can only spell trouble. Though the Wolf can be reasoned with, their motivations are clearly self-interested, and recent attempts to parlay with them have very nearly resulted in their visitors being eaten alive.

The former keeper of the The Beast Grail, at the third opening of Camelot this was stripped from them. The consequences of this are not yet known but can be expected to be brutal.

The Forest Knight, Verdant Keeper of Albion

Pronouns: He/Him

The Forest Knight, Verdant Keeper of Albion - otherwise known as Ser Verdant - is a gigantic treant that was created during the third opening of Camelot by the combined efforts of many in the Hundred Realms and spearheaded by the Green Knights of Cedunon. A being of staggering size, Ser Verdant's strength is matched only by his compassion.

Currently, Ser Verdant is locked in an altercation with the Dragon Wrath, the outcome of which will become common knowledge at Camelot's fourth opening.

The Carrion Queen

Pronouns: She/Her

Wherever blood is spilled and flesh is left to rot, the Carrion Queen's crows will be sure to follow. Though not believed to have dark motivations, the Carrion Queen is a powerful entity devoted to harvesting flesh and gaining its power. While on their own the Crows are not a threat, together they flock and present a sight to behold.

The Bog Monsters of Halrgardr

Pronouns: Assorted

The Bog Monsters of Halrgardr are a recent threat that have started to become a nuisance in the territory where Heroes are made - arising from the bogs in the mist, these creatures attempt to lure travellers in only to devour them beneath the surface of the water.

Wisps and Ghosts

Pronouns: Unknown

Oftentimes in Camelot, glowing creatures appear with a purpose to guide and instruct. They do not talk but understand what is said to them, and appear exclusively at night. What they want, why they do it, and what they are is still a great mystery, but they are believed to be benign.


Pronouns: Unknown

Beyond the bounds of the world, a great being lives in the dark that claims to protect those worlds lost from the reality of the Hundred Realms. Its manifestations are brief and significant, and it shows a great interest in the construction of “Gateways” to bring lost worlds back.

Behemoth manifests in Camelot as a large deer skull, but has been known to take other forms. It is believed to be in opposition with the Font of Magic.

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