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Notable Individuals

Since Camelot opened its doors again, many things have come to light in the world - many individuals have become well known amongst the people. This page details commonly known information as of Chapter 6 at Camelot - you may choose how much or how little of this you know in character: this page is presented to provide opportunity to know about these things, rather than being a reading list to join the game!

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Pronouns: She/Her

Merlin, the powerful sorceror of Camelot, continues to be a powerful presence in Camelot after its reopening. Still attempting to unravel the mysteries of the world and to train and guide aspiring Mages, Merlin is a trusted source of information and ideas for all those seeking knowledge of Magic - or the secrets of Camelot - to speak with.


Pronouns: She/Her

During the height of Camelot's power, Morgana - the adopted sister of Arthur - revealed herself as a traitor when she led an army to attack Camelot to seize her brother's throne. With the might of the Dragon Wrath, it was only Merlin's magic that defeated her, after which she was locked away and believed to be dead.

Rumours of her death were, it transpired, greatly exaggerated, and during the third opening of Camelot she returned to the city where her presence was met with trepidation and fascination. During the fifth opening of Camelot, she was granted the Generalcy of Camelot (now part of the Realm of the Lost) and now stands to restore Camelot to the greatness it once held.

The Juggler

Pronouns: Any

The Juggler is a curious individual who has been cropping up around Camelot since it reopened - their exact origin and motives remaining largely unclear. Though they play the fool, attendees at Camelot have learned not to underestimate them as they have shown themselves to have access to phenomenal amounts of power. Both capricious and fickle, exactly how to get on the right or wrong side of the Juggler is an art yet mastered, though it's clear that they have a particular vendetta against Zothar the Purple. Juggling both words and magic, it appears that the only thing that the self-proclaimed Juggler can't do is actually Juggle.

Recently, the Juggler has been observed to be in a foul mood after their contest to raffle off the The Grail of Luck backfired on them.


Pronouns: He/Him

Formerly cursed to live as the con artist known as Zothar the Purple, Lugnerinkin is a powerful wizard who claims responsibility for creating the Grail of Magic. Savvy, and with a vendetta against The Juggler, Lugnerinkin is a friend to mages and keen to help those creating something new.

The Tea Dealer

Pronouns: They/Them

The Tea Dealer is a curious fellow who pops up in Camelot with all variety of exciting teas. An accomplished Enchanter, veteran Camelot attendees will be aware that the teas they bring are both exquisite and fascinating.


Pronouns: He/Him

Mithradites is known to be a powerful druid who cares for the plants and trees of the world, travelling to not only ensure that nature is cared for, but also to gather and protect incredibly rare and valuable plants. Mithradites is best known for cultivating the legendary Flower of Mithradites which had the power to remove any ill effect - this was presented to Arthur during the first opening of Camelot, after which Mithradites was not seen again until Camelot's third opening where they publicly helped investigate the large rose tree that blooms in Camelot thanks to the effects of the Grail of Royalty.

The Grey Sheriff

Pronouns: He/Him

The Grey Sheriff of Svobodaskein is the self-adopted title of the de facto leader of forces in Svobodaskein who are determined to spread an ideology of sharing everything evenly among the people of the world. Going beyond sharing and equality, the Grey Sheriff has taken Svobodan teachings to an extreme, and his followers will stop at nothing to take and share out amongst everyone, and to destroy anyone who stands in the way of this distorted world vision. Having recently made a failed attempt on the life of the Princess of Nelaria, the Tree-Jumpers would comfortably say that the Grey Sheriff is a villain that must be stopped.

Princess Marian Ganamede

Pronouns: She/Her

Ruler of Nelaria, Marian Ganamede is the highest nobility among the Tree-Jumpers. A strong believer in not only Nelaria's might but the importance of royalty, nobility and monarchy. Princess Ganamede rarely arrives in Camelot herself, but when she does she is a force to be reckoned with.


Pronouns: She/Her

A Fury of Fury, General Tenacity is a proud Fury and has made herself known in Camelot by standing on tables to incite her neighbours to arms to protect her fledgeling Realm. Though she herself is not one of the Autumn Spirits of Fury, their power clearly burns in her heart.

The Morrigan

Pronouns: She/Her

A shadowy and private individual, the Morrigan is known to be the Monarch of Cerrid. She most commonly appears to confer with her subjects about matters of the Realm, but this may be to belie further intentions.

The Lady of the Lake

Pronouns: She/Her

Famed for presenting Arthur with the sword Excalibur, the Lady of the Lake has been met several times by attendees of Camelot since its fall and reopening. Though the reasoning behind her actions is not widely known, she has appeared three times to guard the fragments of Excalibur, employing powerful water spirits to do so.

Since the third opening of Camelot, the Lady of the Lake has lost all the parts of Excalibur - exactly what this means for her ongoing quest is unclear.

Osgyth, the Wicked Witch of Barrowfell

Pronouns: She/Her

The Wicked Witch of Barrowfell lives up to her name, and devotes herself to making sure it stays that way. Cruel, maligned, and twisted, the Wicked Witch has already run several schemes to cause woe and strife to Barrowfell and its neighbours, and shows no signs of slowing down on her mission of misery.

Mierin & Hellion

Pronouns: They/Them

Far above even the farthest cloud, there is a world that no mortal can comprehend: a world at war. In this land, which mortals have failed to comprehend to even name beyond “the celestia”, there is a bitter war between the forces of the Sun – that which brings light, heat, emotion, destruction, and action – and those of the Moon, that which seeks darkness, patience, building up of shelter, and coldness of revenge. The Sun and Moon themselves are not spheres of rock or balls of gas but are in fact enormous celestial creatures fighting for dominance, and that is what the mortals see when they look up at the sky.

Mieren and Hellion are agents of these two factions: Mieren, Eighteenth Seat of the Single Cold Light in the Darkness, is what some might call a “demon” or a “fallen angel” if they were to use fickle words and they weren’t so logical; while Hellion, Fourteenth Rank of the Burning Arms of Tomorrow, is what some might call an “angel” if they weren’t so hellbent on razing things to the ground. They have been fighting a war in heaven for aeons, but now have fallen through into a new world: a new world where they can channel the heat of anger and the frost of strife into their war and empower themselves.

Servants of Camelot

Pronouns: Assorted

Though the population of Camelot is a slim shadow of what it was in its glory days, a small cadre of Servants continue to call the island home. Each serving different functions, they are primarily on call to assist and guide the attendees of Camelot. Much like the Knights, they were unable to leave Camelot while the Shroud of Camelot existed, but since its destruction this limitation has been removed. Regardless of their freedom to do so, though, much like many of the Knights, most of the Servants appear disinclined to leave.

The exact names and histories of the Servants are known to be elusive or unclear. Each certainly gives a name, but as to whether or not that is a guise or truth is unknown. Current Servants in Camelot include:

  • “Unimportant”, most commonly seen delivering addresses including the results of Conquest.
  • “The Physician”, most commonly seen advising guests on their schemes.
  • “The Illustrator”, most commonly seen applying his photographic memory to paint portraits of Camelot's guests.


Pronouns: They/Them

Arthur - the Once Monarch of Albion - persists in Camelot despite their losses in the Battle of Camlann Fields. Although initially suffering from a curse thanks to the magical work of the Fisher King, they were brought back to full health and continue to be available in Camelot to advise.

Since recovering from that curse, they have begun to assist their wife, Camelot's former general, Guinevere, with the running of the Conquest Table and consultation of the Oracular Mirror.

Though Camelot is a shadow of its former self, Arthur is still a figurehead in many of the Hundred Realms, and many still hold them in high regard - or with high resentment.


Pronouns: She/Her

Guinevere with her great tactical mind was, before its fall, Camelot's general. An accomplished planner and tactician, she was responsible for the managing of Camelot's forces in the world. Since the return to Camelot, she has been running the Conquest Table in Camelot where her military advice and expertise is called upon by the aspiring Generals and Monarchs of the world.

Ser Bors the Elder and Younger

Pronouns: He/Him

Ser Bors the Younger - one of Arthur's youngest Knights - and his father, Ser Bors the Elder, have only recently been reunited. The two, sharing a fascination with the Bonds that bind the people of the world, share the responsibility to help those in Camelot to cultivate and manage their powerful ties. Bors the Elder takes the most responsibility in current times, as Bors the Younger enjoys the freedom to travel the world.


Pronouns: He/Him

One of the most well-known Knights of Camelot, Lancelot has been known as a fighter without peer and the reputation is well earned. Since Camelot's Fall, Lancelot has been managing the annual Tournament for a favour from Arthur as well as the now annual Melee for a favour for himself.


Pronouns: They/Them

Gawain takes the duty of the Knights of Camelot to care for the world to heart and is a presence of hope and kindness within the city. Always there to be an open ear or a shoulder to cry on, Gawain's smiling face is a fixture in Camelot and something that many who return from Quests are glad to see.

Gawain's relationship with the Green Knight is a matter of public interest, though the exact details of their relationship are unknown, aside from that the Green Knight that they are now seen with is the wife of the Green Knight from the tale of legend.


Pronouns: They/Them

Known among Camelot's allies as the great Traitor, and by Camelot's enemies as a right-thinking hero, Mordred has not been seen since the Fall of Camelot. Once Arthur's trusted Knight, their betrayal led to the infamous Battle of Camlann Fields in which Guinevere's Army was routed by the Saxons after Mordred defeated Arthur in combat. Since then, only whispers of Mordred have been heard on the wind - the truth of these rumours is as yet unfounded.


Pronouns: He/Him

One of the more established Knights of Camelot, Lamorak's family is an established nobility in Camelot. Ser Lamorak, known to take pride in this, is known for looking to secure a future for Camelot. Since the re-opening of Camelot, he has been particularly devoted to a Ceddish endeavour to plant and cultivate powerful trees and plants in Camelot's soil.

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