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Hundred Realms

Once a united kingdom under Arthur before the Fall of Camelot, the Hundred Realms are what stand after years and years of fighting amongst monarchs and generals: a huge multitude of realms, each with a different culture and way of life; some vying for supremacy, others simply trying to deal with the next ogre attack. It's said that no two realms are alike, and this is yet to be proven false.

Despite their differences, each Realm has maintained the need for:

  • A Name by which to call themselves
  • A Flag under which to march
  • A Monarch for whom to fight (who may be the same person as the General)
    • A Monarch may:
      • Collect Resources from the Realm
      • Influence which Quests may occur in their Realm
      • Trade away the Territories of their Realm
      • Deliver speeches of importance for the Realm
  • A General to deliver the Orders (who may be the same person as the Monarch)
    • A General may deliver Orders in Conquest

While some Realms have stuck to the old religion, worshipping The God of Albion, others have devoted themselves to new (or arguably older) Gods, or forsaken religion entirely.

Presented here are all Realms, and their territories, that currently exist and are known.

The Realms

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Albion **Non-Playable**

Once a great, wide realm, now a single city shrouded in mystery. Camelot is still known as the home of the once King Arthur, Guinevere and their Knights. For many, it is also a holy place - the final connection of The God of Albion. It is assumed that the Knights still practice this old religion.

Arthurian Costume Brief

Realm Name: Albion

Monarch: King Arthur

General: Guinevere

Realm Adjective: Arthurian

People from Albion: Arthurians


  • Camelot


Once known far and wide as the Kingdom of Fairwynn, a Realm of peace and prosperity, The Archane Kingdom of Algaroth is a relatively new Realm, born five years ago through bloody revolution. Now ruled over by the Grand Warlock Skarn who appeared as out of nowhere. The Algarothi reject the God of Albion and follow instead 'The Dread Axioms' which they proclaim will lead them to Supremacy.

Realm Name: Algaroth

Monarch: TBC

General: TBC

Realm Adjective: Algarothi

People from Algaroth: Algarothi

How to flatter an Algarothi: Complement their Dark Majesty, Depravity and Ruthlessness; or be visibly afraid of them

How to insult an Algarothi: Call them weak, call them pretenders, question the legitimacy of their throne; denounce The Dread Axioms


  • High Skarna (Stronghold)
  • Knowynn
  • The Wraithwood



Arkenholm was formerly a prosperous land, shimmering with the precious stones of its deep quarries - but in recent generations, with the shining mountain of Maenwen hollowed out to a shell, the whole realm has decayed. Even the lustre of Eternal Birkendene Forest seems to have faded, with rumours of bandits abounding.

A popular yearning to reclaim past glories has seen Queen Ceindeg the Bright swept into power, overthrowing the ‘corrupt’ and ‘ineffectual’ Lloyd the Dull. A year on, Caerarian's palace of shining spires gleams once more, as Arkenholm takes its first steps towards a new golden era.

Realm Name: Arkenholm

Monarch: Ceindeg the Bright

General: Ceindeg the Bright

Realm Adjective: Arkenish

People from Arkenholm: Arken ('the Arkens')

How to flatter an Arken: Say they shine, or are radiant or brilliant; imply they are a valuable asset to their Realm / cause

How to insult an Arken: Call them dull, tarnished, pretend/imitation; imply they are worthless to their Realm / cause


  • Arkencarn
  • Birkendene (Stronghold) (Brightkiller Fortress)
  • Caerarian (Stronghold)
  • Gladeforth
  • Maenwen (Stronghold) (Silversmyth Garrison)


Auralia is a difficult land to survive in; friends and enemies may often be one and the same. The upper class stay in power through a combination of political alliances, powerful magic, and brutal assassinations of those who pose a risk; whether perceived or actual. The only time there is unquestioning loyalty from any of the citizens is when put at risk from other borders. The people of Auralia will fight for their Queen at any given opportunity, apparently through a fierce desire to gain her favour, but who knows the true motives of any Socialite.

Realm Name: Auralia

Monarch: Queen Desirae Morgannon

General: TBC

Realm Adjective: Auralian

People from Auralia: Auralian or Socialite

How to flatter a Socialite: Praise their intelligence, tell them the Queen is lucky to have them in her court, offer them a favour.

How to insult a Socialite: Laugh at them, imply they are missing the joke, question their country and Queen.


  • Bay of Mirrors
  • The Rose (Stronghold)
  • The Thornwood


A tough, sparsely populated land, Barrowfell is home to scattered bandit clans and common folk trying to scrape a living. It is a place where people take what they want by force and those who wish to keep their land, property and livestock must be prepared to defend it. Though they may be strong, Barrovians are a superstitious people who fear the demons they believe haunt their lands from the sinister Shadow Woods to the peak of Mount Knoll where the Lord Crow rules from their mountain fortress.

Barrovian Costume Brief

Realm Name: Barrowfell

Monarch: Lord Crow

General: Lord Crow

Realm Adjective: Barrovian

People from Barrowfell: Barrovian

How to flatter a Barrovian: Praise their skill and strength, admire the size of their holdings.

How to insult a Barrovian: Suggest their success was due to luck, question their strength.


  • Confractis
  • Deep Fen
  • Lost Edge
  • Maudlin Hills (Stronghold)
  • Mount Knoll (Stronghold)
  • Shadow Wood
  • West Haven
  • Ynkinde


A thick forest surrounds the entire Realm, intermittently opening up within to reveal large glades that play home to the towns and cities of Cedunon. These glades remain isolated from the world outside but not from the monsters that lurk within the depths of the woods.

The stoic green knights patrol the forests, forcing their way through the undergrowth to maintain safe routes between glades. Their code teaches that even the mightiest oak must give way before them for they are saviours and defenders of the people. Their chant: “Purity. Nobility. Divinity” can be heard echoing throughout Cedunon's great forest.

Realm Name: Cedunon

Monarch: Queen Endellion

General: Micheil Dunaid

Realm Adjective: Ceddish

People from Cedunon: Ceddian

How to flatter a Ceddian: Heroic, resolute, righteous

How to insult a Ceddian: Weak willed, cowardly, ‘a willow’


  • Bowthor Mor
  • Ceart Beith
  • Darach Mor (Stronghold)


Cerrid was formed where druidic tradition met northern determination. A culture proud of its strength and craft, they put these skills to use tending the land rather than waging war. The Cerrid are fascinated with astronomy, the constellation of the Enfield hanging over their realm. They have no army, instead seeing that every soul is armed and trained to defend their lands. The Monarch’s identity is a guarded secret, only 2 things are known outside of the realm, that they are female and go by the title, The Morrigan. “Work the Earth, Trust the Sky”

Realm Name: Cerrid

Monarch: The Morrigan

General: Ranger-General Faolan Valcrest

Realm Adjective: Cerridish

People from Cerrid: Cerridian

How to flatter a Cerridian: Complimenting the realms produce and craftwork, sharing an interest in the stars, having a knowledge of the lands of Cerrid

How to insult a Cerridian: Rejecting food offered, comparing Cerridians to Saxons, harming wildlife without purpose, insulting The Morrigan


  • Ashwick
  • Dragon Peak
  • Draicwyn (Stronghold)
  • Folly Ridge
  • Stolaston
  • Valley of Greed (Stronghold)


The Kingdom of Cotswell is a proud and noble kingdom. The people are loyal to their Lords and Ladies who are loyal to the Queen, and the entire kingdom has a long and great history of honouring the noble and rewarding the brave. The land itself is made up of fertile hills and fields, with the great castle of Cotswell always visible in the distance. Cotwell is also one of the Realms that still follows The God of Albion on a larger scale.

Costwellian Costume Brief

Realm Name: Cotswell

Monarch: Avarad the Bold

General: Alberic Longinus

Realm Adjective: Cotswellian

People from Cotswell: Cotswellian

How to flatter a Cotswellian: Talk about their land, their courage and complement their armour and crests.

How to insult a Cotswellian: Insult their Lord, Lady or Queen. Insult their pride.


  • Arthur's Horizon
  • Bear Watch (Stronghold)
  • The Bitter Woods
  • The Dark Marches (formerly Algarothi)
  • Pendragon Landing
  • The Silver Forest
  • Snow Bush
  • South Haven
  • Stonebury


A place of sharp mountains, cold lakes, and heather filled glens. The woods are as dark, deep and unfathomed as the seas off the rocky, island spotted coast. The weather is harsh, but the people are welcoming and resourceful. Magic is valued and respected here, as are old folk traditions.

Realm Name: Fiobha

Monarch: Muireall MacRòn

General: Ealasaid

Realm Adjective: Fiobha

People from Fiobha: Fiobha

How to flatter a Fiobha: Remark on their independence and self sufficiency; ask about their totem animal, and compliment the ways in which they embody its virtues

How to insult a Fiobha: Mock their totem animal; refuse or insult their hospitality


  • Ar
  • Eilean (Stronghold)
  • Inbhir Nis
  • Mor Ennew


Against the relentless advance of Melltith forces, one territory stood against them: their anger burning bright within them, and vengeance in their hearts. Fury has awoken.

Realm Name: Fury

Monarch: Unknown

General: Unknown

Realm Adjective: Furious

People from Fury: Furies

How to flatter a Fury: Unknown

How to insult a Fury: Unknown


  • Fury (Stronghold)


The thriving realm Halrgardr rose quickly under the leadership of a young queen immediately following the Fall of Camelot. All with good in their hearts are welcome in Silfrfold. The Shining City became a beacon for heroes and adventurers and all of the tradecrafts that support them. Halrgardians are welcoming and generous people, but dangerous if crossed.

The wolves of The Howling Forest rarely trouble welcome travellers and the trees eventually give way to a large lake that seems to glow softly green in shade or moonlight.

The realm is strongly in support of Arthur and makes an effort to trouble the Saxons.

Realm Name: Halrgardr

Monarch: Freyrna Mijadottir

General: Snip-Snap-Snorem

Realm Adjective: Halrgardian

People from Halrgardr: Halrgardian

How to flatter a Halrgardian: Tell a story of their heroic deeds, ask for their help

How to insult a Halrgardian: Imply they couldn’t or wouldn’t help those in need.


  • The Clawed Plains
  • Helgasfjall
  • Hero's Proving
  • The Howling Forest
  • The Green Waters
  • Silfrfold (Stronghold)

The Isles

The Isles are a small selection of three islands in varying sizes. The largest island, Ynys Mawr, is where the King and his family live, while his two brothers each govern another island. The Royal Family consists of the King, his Queen, and their eight children. The three oldest children are set to govern the three islands, leaving the younger children slighted. However, there is unrest between the two oldest siblings - they are twins, and it is unknown who was born first and therefore will have the birthright of ruling over the Isles. Though Ynys Hau is decent farming land, the people of the island feel the need to bulk out their supplies with raiding and piracy. The smallest island, Caer Wylio, is the keep where - should the need arise - the people can retreat to.

Realm Name: The Isles

Monarch: TBC

General: Gwrtheryn

Realm Adjective: Islish

People from The Isles: Islers

How to flatter an Isler: Compare them to the seas or ocean creatures

How to insult an Isler: Referring to the smallness of their Realm


  • Caer Wylio
  • Ynys Hau
  • Ynys Mawr (Stronghold)


An idyllic realm with peaceful forests sprawling at the base of fertile mountain valleys. Legion has had a history of fielding huge armies in aid of the realm’s interests but this has died down in recent years. Majestic walled settlements are commonplace due to this martial history. Wide roads allow easy travel through these immaculately clean and tidy cities. The common populace are incredibly busy and don’t have time to meet with travelers very often. In fact wanderers usually do business amongst themselves in front of the plethora of “out for lunch - back in 10 minutes” signs.

Realm Name: Legion

Monarch: Griselda Kyngeston

General: Robert Kyngeston

Realm Adjective: Legionary

People from Legion: Legionnaire

How to flatter a Legionnaire: Praise their cities or their armies. Praise their leaders (if talking to a normal citizen)

How to insult a Legionnaire: Imply the glory of the Realm has faded, cast doubts on their words


  • The Boundless Shores
  • The Eternal Bastion (Stronghold)
  • The Forgotten Cliffs
  • The Limitless Peaks
  • The Misty Straits
  • Sea of Memory
  • Sealtainn
  • Splendour
  • Standing
  • The Verdant Majesty


Divided into 3 main settlements, each built around a great college. Learning is prioritised above all else and those students who show arcane talent are held in highest esteem in their colleges and in the community. Those without this talent, are assigned different societal roles upon graduation, with the smartest assigned teaching positions in the colleges (whose faculties double as local governments and military officers) and the dimmest assigned to manual jobs

Realm Name: Mayga

Monarch: Finnegan Lunar

General: Finnegan Lunar

Realm Adjective: Maygian

People from Mayga: Maygan

How to flatter a Maygan: Invite them to perouse your book collection and borrow anything they like

How to insult a Maygan: Refuse the offer of borrowing a book from them, or insulting their robes.


  • Greater Vaelor (Stronghold)
  • Vanderin
  • Zemnia


Ancient dark forests surrounding several small mountains. A sulphurous mist flows from the mountains drenching the forest floor in a thick blanket. The realms inhospitable nature has lead to a tough, pragmatic people who value strength gained through trials and tribulations. Those in the realm who have overcome the daily struggles which keep the attention of most residents generally turn their attention to uplifting others, crafting bespoke trials for the less fortunate. Magic, and especially the ability to craft curses, tends to be well respected in the realm due to its philanthropic applications.

Realm Name: Melltith

Monarch: Myffanwy the Wise

General: Ffion the Dragon

Realm Adjective: Mellian

People from Melltith: Mellian

How to flatter a Mellian: Note their effort in overcoming challenges, their cunning in everday life, or their wealth of experience.

How to insult a Mellian: Imply that they have not/would not make an effort, would be afraid to try or to act.


  • Fresh Wood
  • Grief's Crossing
  • Logacis
  • The Lost Ends
  • Neverthere
  • Regretspath (Stronghold)
  • Sorrowsveil
  • Wrathwater


The Realm of Nelaria was thick with forest. Great oak trees stood taller than anything in the realm, except the peaks of the towers of the castle. The people were accustomed to living in and amongst the trees, and it was generally considered easier to traverse their branches than to walk on the ground. “Groundwalker” was an insult, used to describe those who lack the finesse to leap from branch to branch, as well as the criminals who prefer to use the darkness from the tree-cover to conduct illicit affairs.

Nelaria was conquered completely by Svobodaskein and Melltith in the first year after Camelot's reopening.

Nelarian Costume Brief

Realm Name: Nelaria

Monarch: Princess Ganamede

General: Erek Wildtalon

Realm Adjective: Nelarian

People from Nelaria: Tree-Jumpers

How to flatter a Tree-Jumper: Bring them gifts from the highest treetops, bring them feathers from the most delicate of birds, complement their poise and dexterity.

How to insult a Tree-Jumper: Bring them mud, or animals from the ground. Call them a Groundwalker


  • Greenwood


Penmortid is a stretch of high cliffs, sheltered coves and dotted islands, balmy and rugged, consisting of Lysmalan (the realm's clifftop capital), Antewyn (a stretch of dunes with numerous fishing villages), and Desadberta (once a separate realm, recently subsumed into Penmortid following the betrayal of its people). Penmortid is the home of the Glorious Damned (or Fortune's Fucked, as they sometimes refer to themselves), a horde of pirates with a devil-may-care attitude and a love of poetry and adventure. The Glorious Damned take pride in their reputation for being cursed with bad luck - as far as they’re concerned, luck is for those who can’t get by on skill alone. Ancestor worship is ubiquitous throughout Lysmalan and Antewyn, and each pirate's surname alludes to a famous ancestor.

Costume Brief of the Damned

Realm Name: Penmortid

Monarch: Kenwyn Arverus

General: Kaswallon Setana

Realm Adjective: Damned / of the Damned

People from Penmortid: Damned / of the Damned

How to flatter a Damned: Compliment their poetry, be pissed off at their antics, call them unlucky.

How to insult a Damned: Suggest they got by on luck rather than despite it.


  • Antewyn
  • The Cold Shore
  • Desadberta
  • Freywyn
  • Lysmalan (Stronghold)
  • The Narrow Coast
  • Torvylla

The Ridings

A very small realm, the only town of any note is Hamptonborough in the Middle Riding. Populated by simple farmers and craftspeople, they tend to keep themselves to themselves. The South Riding is more sparsely populated than the Middle Riding, and has more rugged geography with craggy hills and heather uplands. The bandit hills to the north (once known as the North Riding) are a dangerous place to be.

Realm Name: The Ridings

Monarch: Jeremiah Gubbins

General: TBC

Realm Adjective: Rider

People from The Ridings: Rider

How to flatter a Rider: Compliment their workmanship/craft/practical competency.

How to insult a Rider: Imply they have a monarch.


  • Bandit Hills
  • Middle Riding (Stronghold)
  • South Riding


Rhyfel is an old land, with an ancient legacy. It is known for being steeped in magic, for its obsession with stories, its reverence of the God of Albion, and for its outspoken support for Arthur and all others who stand against evil. The Glimmering Vale is a place full of light and rich bounties, the Whispering Mountain echoes with tales of heroes past, and the Fields of Strife bear memories of too many historic battles. It is neither a populous nor a wealthy land, but one of expansive beauty, deep wisdom, and generally safe harbour.

Realm Name: Rhyfel

Monarch: Queen Arianwen

General: Cadfan app Caradoc

Realm Adjective: Rhyfellian

People from Rhyfel: Rhyfellians

How to flatter a Rhyfellian: Respect their ancient role in the struggle against evil, listen to their tales.

How to insult a Rhyfellian: Call their tales boring, accuse them of blood magic.


  • Narhyvn
  • Siaradd, the Glimmering Vale (Stronghold)
  • Tylwyr, the Whispering Mountain
  • Ymladd, the Fields of Strife

Saxon Lands

The forest thins out and a huge, dark fortress emerges. Skulls often adorn walls, which are labelled with huge signs written in blood, with anti-Arthurian messages such as “King No More” and “CAMELOT FALLS”. Saxons are brutish, ill-mannered, and warlike. They still revel in their victory over Camelot, and are rumoured to have designs to make the rest of the Hundred Realms kneel before them.

Saxon Costume Brief

Realm Name: Saxon Lands

Monarch: TBC

General: TBC

Realm Adjective: Saxon

People from Saxon Lands: Saxons

How to flatter a Saxon: Submit, or bring them tribute.

How to insult a Saxon: Imply they are subservient to anyone who isn't a Saxon.


  • Camlann Fields (Stronghold)
  • Caerlaeone
  • Dark Mountain (Stronghold)
  • Lake of Diana
  • New Dawn
  • Prosperity


Sera is renowned for the wealth that comes from its mines of ores and precious gems. Trading of both raw materials and finished products such as weapons and jewellery make for the bulk of the realm's income and Serians pride themselves in their craftsmanship, the beauty of their land and the devotion to their Gods. The Glamorgans have been Sera's royalty since the birth of the realm, and Queen Niniveh is the first to take the throne as Monarch and High Priestess to the Gods. Serians are fervent worshippers of the Grey Shroud, Bringer of Death, and the Silver Well, Giver of Life, possibly the same being with different aspects, possibly siblings or something else. No one is certain, but it is best to keep them on side either way and present tribute when appropriate. Once a year secretive offerings are also made by those of the royal line, to ensure the realm's wealth, to the Nightbeast, a creature or ancient God who is said to dwell in the depths of the mines. The national colours are: black, silver, brown and red.

Realm Name: Sera

Monarch: Niniveh Glamorgan

General: Brielse Aimar

Realm Adjective: Serish

People from Sera: Serian

How to flatter a Serian: Compliment their fashion. Compliment the craftsmanship of their weapons and jewels. Praise their Gods

How to insult a Serian: Insult their Gods or question their faith. Question the legitimacy of the throne


  • Denia (Stronghold)
  • Ixian
  • Ucheryon

The Spires

The Spires is a realm named for its churches, each erected in praise to the Most Perfect Aspirant, a God of Power and Perfection. The Church teaches that the Aspirant is the spirit of perfection, and that those who die find themselves close to the Aspirant upon death; the more the deceased excelled in life, the closer they reside to the most perfect being.

In general, the Aspirants consider self-improvement a moral necessity above all others. Their farmers must be the very best farmers, their warriors must train to never fall. To insinuate that someone could not improve, or is already perfect, would deny an Aspirant the chance to become closer to their deity.

Rumours persist that the Aspirants make use of strange servitors for work which their people will not, citing that work outside of ones field of aspiration is not holy, and insisting that performing those necessary tasks by any means is therefor acceptable.

Realm Name: The Spires

Monarch: Archon Iolaus

General: Archon Iolaus

Realm Adjective: Aspirant

People from The Spires: Aspirants

How to flatter an Aspirant: Tell them that “They have gotten better” or improved at what they do. Tell them “You are on a path to becoming one of the best X in the hundred realms”

How to insult an Aspirant: Praise them without qualification


  • Evercrest
  • Fort Aspiration (Stronghold)
  • Vendicsal


Stratiotora is a militaristic nation, with conscription and mandatory service for all citizens. They pride themselves on never retreating, and always being willing to face their foes in open combat. They’re brave and honourable and are very forthright and direct. Their land is rich in metal, as well as agriculture as all work for the whole. Five years ago their King began his ascension to Godhood, which has greatly pleased the people. Not known for having mages.

Realm Name: Stratiotora

Monarch: The Soon To Be God, Xenocrates

General: The Advocate

Realm Adjective: Stratiotorian

People from Stratiotora: Stratiotorian

How to flatter a Stratiotorian: Praise their forthrightness, respect their honour. Call it dedication rather than stubbornness.

How to insult a Stratiotorian: Lie, be duplicitous, imply that they’re lying or being duplicitous. Accuse them of being stubborn (they are).


  • Atropolis (Stronghold)
  • Delphin
  • Pol
  • Somewhere (Stronghold)


A wet, misbegotten land of eery marshes and unending mudlands, Svobodaskein has been without formal monarchy or power structure since the collapse of Arthur’s rule. In its place, a tenuous alliance of village elders and local barons seek advice from a mysterious authority dwelling deep within the marshes of Thousand Drownings.

Svobodans are fiercely independent and individualistic. They reject all claims to hereditary power, and despise the vanity of titles and other such trappings of unearned authority. Lacking a formal military, willing freefolk band together as equals to repel invaders.

Realm Name: Svobodaskein

Monarch: Hov

General: Caitlin Zweihander

Realm Adjective: Svobod

People from Svobodaskein: Svobodan

How to flatter a Svobodan: Praise their independence and autonomy, and engage them as equals

How to insult a Svobodan: Demand fealty, show subservience or question their self-sufficiency


  • The Misty Expanse
  • Greenwood (Stronghold) (formerly Nelarian)
  • Mouldwood
  • Nevermarsh
  • Northwood (formerly Nelarian)
  • Southwood (formerly Nelarian)
  • Thousand Drownings
  • The Yawning Mire
  • Zhivograd (Stronghold)

Adding Realms

There are more Realms than can feasibly be counted, and as such new Characters are welcome to be from an existing realm or to create their own along with their three starting territories.

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