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Here is a short list of terms used throughout Tales Untold . If you think a term deserves adding to this list, do let us know at


An Audience is a manifestation by a being such as a Powerful Entity or a god into Camelot brought about by tribute being given. These will occur in the Audience Tent for a select audience with a schedule given in advance.


Beans are a Resource used by Mages to create Magic Scrolls. They can be collected by Mages from the Font of Magic, found on Quests, and collected by Monarchs from their Realms during Conquest.


The means through which wars are fought - a strategic endeavour enacted at the Conquest Map by Generals.

Defining Moment

A Defining Moment is an important magical object which is created when something of great importance to a person's own personal story occurs. These take the form of a blank golden scroll which once written should be sealed and when spent should given to a member of crew so that their power can be used and recorded.


Large, scaly and magically powerful creatures. Often known to breathe fire.


The military leader of a Realm. Not necessarily (but not excluded from being) the same as a Monarch. The exact title and reverence for it changes from Realm to Realm, but all share the ability to submit moves for Conquest.

Heritage Spell

There are some spells in the game that require elements from a specific Realm in order to be cast. These were found during Chapter 2 and have been called Heritage Scrolls. They have no innate power over any other type of magic.

IC (In Character)

Information relevant to you as a character rather than you as a player.


An Improvement to a territory is a mundane addition constructed to provide a boost on the Realm.


A 2v2 fight between two Primary fighters and their appointed Seconds. One of two types of Combat permitted within Camelot during certain times.


A Linear is any excursion out of Camelot - either a Quest (Combat) or a Vignette (non-Combat).


A free-for-all fight between many fighters. One of two types of Combat permitted within Camelot during certain times.


The ruler of a Realm. Not necessarily (but not excluded from being) the same as a General. The exact title and responsibility changes from Realm to Realm, but all share the ability to collect Resources from the Realm and are generally recognised as representatives of their Realm.

Mortal Wound

Suffered upon reaching the end of your Death Count while unconscious (or by select other means). Once you have suffered a Mortal Wound you will die within an hour. See Combat for more details

OC (Out of Character)

Information relevant to you as a player rather than you as a character. Occasionally “OOC” for Out Of Character.


A Conquest Phase, during which Orders are placed, corresponding with the Seasons of the year:

  • Phase 1 - Summer
  • Phase 2 - Autumn
  • Phase 3 - Winter
  • Phase 4 - Spring
  • Phase 5 - Midsummer


Shorthand for “physical representation” - how we are representing aspects of the game world. For example, the phys-rep for a sword is a LARP safe sword; the phys-rep for Magic Beans are black beads; the phys-rep for your character is you.


An endeavour outside of Camelot in which a small number of people will attempt to achieve some goal. Combat will likely be involved.


Realms make up the world that once was known as Albion. Realms are made of a number of Territories. All characters are from a Realm and the list of realms can be found here. Each Realm has a Monarch who may collect Resources from the Realm and decree who may pass through it, and a General who decides its actions for Conquest.


See also: Resources

Components that generally can be generated, found, traded, and used in the creation of Scrolls. Common resources are Beans, Blood, Defining Moments, and Riches, but other resources may be generated by Territories (such as wood or grain)


A broad term for referring to gold, jewels, coins and other shiny objects.


These are smaller regions which make up Realms. These can change ownership through Conquest.


Tribute is the name for any sufficient dedication or sacrifice made toward an entity. Tribute is left on the Shrine in Camelot complete with a note specifying who left the Tribute and for which entity, and generated by dedicated Sanctuaries.


A linear outside of Camelot in which Combat will not occur.

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