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  • Added Brother Cairrfhion to Cedunon


  • Added Season to Phase mapping to Conquest and Results: Ch 1
    • There are 5 Seasons in Tales Untold: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Midsummer.
    • The year is still the same length, just different delineations have been made.
  • Added FAQ about which way North is.



  • Updated Behaviour Policy to make it explicitly okay to correct someone's use of pronouns.
  • Updated LARP Safety to make it explicitly okay to call STOP THE GAME in the presence of unsafe fighting
  • Renamed Ops Desk to reflect changes in Core Team






  • Added FAQ about Character Advancement (there isn't any!)
  • Added Freepik to image sources in Credits



  • Updated Core Team names


  • Moved Character / Realm Submission deadline to 19th April 2019






  • New Public Bios limited to 200 words
  • System side but not Wiki side, we will be looking at adding additional rewards/stakes for Jousts and the Melee
  • Where one side of a Curse / Blessing is not able to make an Event, we will talk with both players to decide what the most fun solution is

05/11/2018 - Post Chapter 1 Changes

Next Event

  • Updated main page for Chapter 2
  • Updated Next Event page for Chapter 2 and new site at Huntley Wood

Event Logistics

  • Added TOM Desk description to Events: this is designed to make it easier to find a Ref for queries in a consistent location.
  • Time in is at 9.30am now
  • More print-outs of information will be available
  • More lighting will be available

Defining Moments

  • Updated Defining Moments to clarify that that Players can recommend their own Defining Moments
  • Changed rules on Defining Moments - Defining Moments no longer must be sealed and when presented can be asked to be read aloud. Any existing Defining Moments from Chapter 1 may be opened and read by their owners at their leisure
  • We will be working to make sure that Defining Moments come out with more regularity
  • We are also looking at adding more avenues to spend Defining Moments but aren't ready to release those yet.


  • The deleterious effect from Curses will now apply at the start of an Event in which they are active, rather than occurring immediately.


  • Quests locations will be well defined on the Conquest board from the start of the Event. Some will be dark-only Quests and these will be clearly marked
  • The Wanderer skill now allows Wanderers to ask for information about 3 Quests over the course of the Event at the Conquest table or TOM Desk
  • Times that Knights will take out Quests (and which Knight) will be advertised from the start of the Event, as will the Quest they intend to take when that is confirmed
  • Quest locations must be chosen an hour before the Quest departs and this will be announced
  • There will be an upper limit on Quest party size
  • We will be looking at improving the threat level and risk/reward balance of Quests
  • We will be adding an additional Quest Ref
  • At the back end there will be better monitoring of who has gone on Quests to ensure everyone who wants to go on a Quest can, and to ensure the distribution is fair. Whether or not this manifests mechanically will be something we look at in the run-up to Chapter 2
  • Monarchs will no longer need to consent to a Quest being taken to their territory, but may of course continue to have opinions about such Quests occurring without their say-so


  • We will be looking at improving Bonds to make them more accessible for non-combatants and to enhance the roleplaying associated with them. We are not ready to make changes at this point but have plans to change these while in keeping with the intent of what is currently on the Wiki

Combat, Jousts, and Melees

  • Additional Melees will be organised during Chapter 2, though we haven't decided quite when yet
  • Tournament Jousts will be clustered so that there are several at a time rather than one every half hour
  • The area where Jousts and Melees occur has been renamed to The Proving Ground, and will be always available as an area for fighting where injury and death may occur
  • There will be a rule on the Tournament Melee that only 2 combatants from the same Realm may make it into the Tournament
  • Emphasised two second rule and added reminder that if a Ref asks you to change your fighting style you should accommodate that
  • Your death count is now a number of minutes equal to your current maximum number of hits (yes, this means that if you give up Blood for magic, your death count will be shorter)


  • Changed the rules around giving someone the Monarch or General crest (temporary stepping-up) - you must sacrifice one of your skills while you use the crest, and may only use that skill again once you have passed on the crest to someone else.
  • Stout now gives you 6 hits
  • Your death count is now a number of minutes equal to your maximum number of hits
  • Removed Survivor skill and rolled its functionality into Stout
  • Clarified that Armour Training increases your Death Count by 1 minute now, and that Stout increases your Death Count by 3 minutes


  • Conquest Resources will now persist between Phases and Events
  • More space will be given around the Conquest Table
  • New Realms that are generated between Events will be added to the Conquest Table in such a way that they have the same advantages that starting Realms had
  • We will be looking to add more elements to the Conquest Table but will not confirm what those are now


  • Added Character Submission Deadline equivalent to the Late Booking / Cancellation Deadline. We reserve the right to cancel bookings where a character has not been submitted before this point, particularly where we have received no communication on the matter
  • Clarified that the Core Team may refuse a booking without needing to give a reason why
  • Added Avoidance Policy
  • Added Player Event Policy


  • Increased Crew Capacity to 35
  • Added additional Story Ref role
  • Added addition Quest Ref role
  • Reduced number of Magic Refs to 1


  • Adjusted accessibility FAQ based on new site
  • Adjusted indoor accommodation FAQ based on new site

Pre Chapter 1 Changes


  • Clarified that Shields block damage but not melee effect calls



  • Updated Conquest Rules to be more straightforward to understand


  • Modified Spell List descriptions
  • Nerfed Blessing of the Mighty Warrior
  • Made Mage Shield more expensive (5 beans)
  • Added clarification about implausible Effects to Performing Magic
  • Added to Bleeding Out rules that when bleeding out you can be carried and affected by effect calls.
  • Added that Healing through the Healer skill must be done to a target within sword's reach
  • Mages must go to the Fonts of Magic themselves to collect their Beans









  • Clarified that you can wield a weapon no longer than 42" as default
  • Clarified at base that you cannot wield a weapon longer than 42"
  • Clarified that you don't need Two Handed Weapon Use to wield a shorter weapon with two hands if you desire



  • Removed requirement to have a character submitted before your booking is confirmed
  • Added first character to Character Information


  • Opened Booking
  • Added Event 1 deadline to Next Event page


  • Clarified that weapons checks to be done by "weapons refs". These refs will be highlighted once confirmed from registered crew.
  • Amended Armour Training - Your max hits are increased from wearing Armour.
  • Clarified HEAL ZERO Call - This stops a characters death count and from bleeding out, but does not restore hits or ability to use skills.
  • Also clarified this in the Healing section.
  • Changed optional bio to required public bio and optional private background in Character Creation


  • Wiki updated from Playtesting and released


  • Wiki published for Playtesting