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Tales Untold LARP

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"Camelot falls, breaks Arthur's heart

A hundred realms have split apart

Though many deeds to this point done

The greatest tales are but begun..."

Tales Untold is a Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) set in a high fantasy narrative-driven world of fairytales. Players are heroes and villains, nobles and scoundrels, witches and sorcerers, working to further their own agendas and the prosperity of their realms around a great event thrown at the heart of the world, the city of Camelot, at the invitation of the Once King, Arthur. In Tales Untold, every character has a story to tell - every character has the chance to become a legend. Roll into a fairytale world you can make your own.

Event 3 will take place over the weekend of Friday 25th September - Sunday 27th September 2020 at the Greenvale at Huntley Wood in Staffordshire. To be the first to hear all the latest information, make sure to join our mailing list by emailing You can also email us here with any questions or check our FAQ.

Priority Booking for Chapter 3 will open for those who have attended a previous event on 21st October 2019. Main Booking will open on 28th October 2020.

There will be 7 Tales Untold events total, one in each of 2018, 2019, and 2020, and then two in each of 2021 and 2022.

The World


The world of Tales Untold is one of magic and adventure, where the once united lands of Albion have been torn asunder by the fall of Camelot. Now known as the Hundred Realms, war, bandits and dragons ravage the land while rulers are left to fend for them themselves for the first time in 50 years. Here Monarchs rule with iron fists or loving care, peasants start great journeys to become legends and sorcerers hone their ever advancing skills to aid either allies or curse their foes. A hundred realms, a thousand possibilities. Who knows how your story will go?

The Event

People of the Hundred Realms,

It has been a long time since Camelot last opened its gates, and a great deal has happened since. Great leaders have arisen, great heroes have become known, and great deeds have been done. However, I am told terrible things have happened since too: you fight among yourselves, you wage bloody wars and allow monsters to ravage your lands. This is not the world I once knew.

Therefore I wish to invite you, representatives from across all of the Realms, back to the city that once united you all. At the start of a weekend in the early Ninth Month, my trusted Sorcerer will be able to lift the Great Shroud around the city to allow visitors in, and then to do so once more at the end, allowing you all to join: to meet, to create magic, to partake in a tournament, to revel, and to make use of my Oracular Mirror of Legend to conduct your wars in a way that is better for the world.

You undoubtedly have many questions; I hope some may be answered soon enough.

Myself, Guinevere, and the Round Table keenly await your arrival. Let us forge a new chapter in our world's history together.

Arthur Pendragon

Once King of Albion

The Events of Tales Untold will take place over the course of a weekend in Camelot, where players answer the Invitation of Once King Arthur. During each event you can expect to:

Make your story matter

Follow the story of your character and the world they're part of. Use Defining Moments to gain access to powerful magic and abilities based on your choices and what's meaningful to you. Form magical Bonds with your friends (and your enemies) to solidify your relationships.

Quest through an ever changing world of your own design

Make a Realm of your own design in which you and other characters live. Define that home and make it yours, then embark on Quests to discover what lies beneath the surface. Great leaders gather at the city of Camelot and pit their armies against the armies of their foes in a grand strategy over the course of events that will shape the world to come.

Curse your mortal enemies, create magic yet unknown

Wield the fundamental power of Magic to cast spells both known and mysterious. Play it safe and cast spells from a common Spell List or unleash your imagination and take a gamble to create spells of your own design in a magic system where anything is possible.

Where to start?

We'd suggest starting in the following places:

  • The Setting pages Camelot and The Hundred Realms should tell you all you need to know to have a grasp on the setting, and Arthur's Invitation should give you some information as to why you're meeting together. There are more details fleshed out on other pages, but these pages contain all the information you should need to get a handle on the world.
  • Character Creation and Skills will allow you to understand how to make a Character for Tales Untold and should hopefully lead you to areas of the System that will be more relevant for you.
  • The Magic pages - while we don't expect every character to be interested in Magic, Bonds, Defining Moments and Scrolls are all very central to the game.
  • Combat Rules to allow you to understand how Combat works in Quests, Jousts and the Melee.
  • Conquest if you're interested in the grand strategy game to rule the world.
  • Events will let you know what to expect at a Tales Untold event in more detail.

OC Information