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"Throughout everyone's lives, there are always moments that define us. Things that we say or do that stick with us forever. These defining moments are unique and special, and above all incredibly powerful"

Defining Moments are a powerful resource that are formed at particularly pivotal and important moments in a character's life. Whether it's the forging of a lifelong partnership, the final defeat of your greatest nemesis, the slaying of a dragon, the discovery of a powerful artefact, or the discovery of a powerful part of yourself, Defining Moments can be made out of anything.

Physically, a Defining Moment takes the form of a scroll with the details of the moment written on it. The Moment has no power until that text is written and then the scroll is sealed with a golden ribbon.

For instance, Alyson of the Green Hills has finally slain her enemy, the Dread Beast of the Dark Forest: a beast she has been trying to kill for years. She receives a Defining Moment scroll which when she later reads when she creates a powerful spell says 'After years of trying, Alyson kills her nemesis, the Dread Beast of the Dark Forest, putting her father's sword through its heart'.

Receiving Defining Moments

Characters will receive Defining Moments at assorted points during events, based on what actions they are taking and the course of the event. Scrolls will be presented to you completed and sealed, and you will be given the option to have it read aloud (you may choose to decline for any reason and read it privately instead). Due to the nature of Defining Moments, it is impossible to steal one from another Character - all scrolls will have the Characters name written inside them.

If you believe you have done something that is worth a Defining Moment, tell a member of crew who will submit it for you or submit it at with Ops. Defining Moments are what are meaningful to your character’s story!

Using Defining Moments

The using of a Defining Moment does not remove it from your history. On the contrary, the reading of the scroll solidifies it as a part of you character and it becomes a pillar of your being.

Defining Moments have a number of uses, all of which are powerful. It can be:

  • Used as a component in creating a Scroll - either as a required component (some spells are rumoured to require Defining Moments), or to augment the power of the spell in some way
  • Used to create a Scroll with an unspecified effect
  • Used to aid in the creations of a Bond
  • Used to create a new Stronghold for Conquest
  • Presented to powerful entities in exchange for yet specified favour

Whenever a Defining Moment is used, a Ref should be present to witness and record the Defining Moment, as well as to inform you of the consequences.