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Tales Untold is the brainchild of Steph Edwards and Katie Moore.

Thanks for the Wiki is due to the direct input of:

  • Ellie Williams
  • Judith Moore
  • Cameron Alsop
  • James Wallis
  • Tegwen Hammersley

Additional thanks for prop manufacture is due to:

  • Florence Walker
  • George Brookland
  • Matilda Tempest

Thanks to extra writing for Event 1 to:

  • Matilda Tempest
  • Anna McKie

Thanks is also due to our playtesters:

  • Mike Dyer-Evans
  • Idan Hamm
  • Emma Bates
  • Susannah Cooke
  • James Wallis
  • Seb Atay
  • James Grover
  • Alistair Gavin
  • Zac Smith
  • Amy Allen
  • Miriam Kunin
  • Kiwi Tokoeka
  • Florence Walker
  • George Brookland
  • Cameron Alsop
  • James Carter
  • Idan Hamm
  • Omri Hamm
  • Florence Walker
  • George Brookland
  • Iain Darvill
  • Phil Barber

Influences include:

  • The Legend of King Arthur
  • The works of the Brothers Grimm
  • The works of Hans Christian Andersen
  • Once Upon a Time (TV Series)
  • Assorted Disney films
  • Merlin (TV Series)

We would also like to thank other games that have helped inspire and guide the design of Tales Untold, in particular:

Images unless otherwise stated are taken from the following in accordance with their licences:

The Wiki itself is powered by MediaWiki.

All material presented on the Wiki is covered by the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence.